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Office of the City Clerk

Council Policies

What is a Council Policy?

City of San Diego Council Policies contain all City policy statements adopted by resolution of the City Council. Each policy statement includes:

  1. a brief background description;
  2. the purpose of the policy;
  3. the policy statements;
  4. other criteria or procedural sections as required; and
  5. cross reference notations as to appropriate provisions in the City Charter, Municipal Code, Administrative Regulations, etc.


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Council Policies by Policy Number

Official City Documents

Number Title
cpd_100-12 Library Donations Matching Fund
cpd_100-13 Procurement Limitations Adjustments Based on the Consumer Price Index
cpd_100-14 Procurement Policy: Recycled Products
cpd_100-15 'Official City Advertising'
cpd_100-16 Procurement of Products and Services from California's Prison Industry Authority (PIA)
cpd_100-17 Drug-Free Workplace/City Contractors
cpd_100-18 Community Parking District
cpd_100-19 Annual Appropriation for Library Operation and Maintenance
cpd_100-20 Reserve Policy
cpd_100-21 Maintenance Assessment Districts
cpd_100-22 Information Technology Procurement through San Diego Data Processing Corporation
cpd_100-23 City Council Funding of Arts, Culture and Community Festivals with Discretionary Transient Occupancy Tax Allocation
cpd_200-01 Distribution of Street Improvement Costs
cpd_200-02 Gas Tax Funds - Use of
cpd_200-03 Financing Street Improvements in Older Urbanized Areas
cpd_200-04 Installation or Removal of Time Limit Parking Meter Zones
cpd_200-05 Planting of Trees on City Streets
cpd_200-06 Criteria for Installation of Traffic Signals
cpd_200-07 Marked Crosswalk Criteria at Uncontrolled Locations
cpd_200-08 Criteria for Installation of Stop Signs
cpd_200-09 Street Tree Plan -- Central Business District
cpd_200-10 Honorary Street Names
cpd_200-11 Criteria for Designation of Through Streets
cpd_200-12 Sidewalk Maintenance Policy
cpd_200-13 Maintenance of Public Facilities - Building
cpd_200-14 Park and Recreation Facility Landscape Design
cpd_200-15 Valet Parking and Passenger Loading Zone Policy
cpd_200-16 Audible Pedestrian Traffic Signals for the Blind Intersection Evaluation Procedure
cpd_200-17 Alternative Fuels
cpd_200-18 Mid-Block Street Light Policy for Developed Areas
cpd_200-19 Use of City Vehicles by City Employees
cpd_200-20 Solid Waste & Recycling Facilities Siting & Expansion Policy
cpd_300-01 Utilization of Volunteers
cpd_300-02 Employee Overtime
cpd_300-03 Legal Holidays for City Employees
cpd_300-04 Annual Salary Review of Positions with Salaries Established by Council
cpd_300-05 Increases in Compensation - Unclassified Service
cpd_300-06 Employee - Employer Relations
cpd_300-07 Consultant Services Selection
cpd_300-08 Procedure for Confirmation of Appointment of Chief of Police
cpd_300-09 City Liability for Employee Participation in Off-Duty Events
cpd_300-10 Equal Opportunity
cpd_300-11 City Contract Provisions with Respect to Hiring City Employees
cpd_300-12 Child Care
cpd_400-01 Service of Water Outside of Political Boundaries
cpd_400-02 Biosolids Beneficial Use
cpd_400-03 Self-Sustaining Reservoir Recreation Program
cpd_400-04 Emergency Storage of Water
cpd_400-05 Payments to School Districts
cpd_400-06 Replacement, Betterment and Expansion of Water and Sewer Facilities in Previously Development Areas