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Office of the City Clerk

Council Policies

What is a Council Policy?

City of San Diego Council Policies contain all City policy statements adopted by resolution of the City Council. Each policy statement includes:

  1. a brief background description;
  2. the purpose of the policy;
  3. the policy statements;
  4. other criteria or procedural sections as required; and
  5. cross reference notations as to appropriate provisions in the City Charter, Municipal Code, Administrative Regulations, etc.


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Council Policies by Policy Number

Official City Documents

Number Title
cpd_400-07 Reimbursement Financing of Water and Sewer Facilities in Undeveloped Areas
cpd_400-08 Metropolitan Sewerage System: Addition of Later Participating Agencies
cpd_400-09 Action Plan for City's Future Water Supply
cpd_400-10 Claims Related to Water Main Breaks and Sewer Backups
cpd_400-11 Action Plan for Implementation of Water Conservation Techniques
cpd_400-12 Implementation of Water Reclamation/Reuse
cpd_400-13 Planning for Management of Sewer Facilities Locates in Canyons and Other Environmentally Sensitive Lands
cpd_400-14 Planning for Redirection of Sewage Discharge Away from Canyons and other Environmentally Sensitive Lands
cpd_400-15 Comprehensive Policy for a Sustainable Water Supply in San Diego
cpd_500-01 Addition of Sworn Police Officers
cpd_500-02 Taxicabs - Permits
cpd_500-03 Tow Trucks - Police Requested
cpd_500-04 Helicopter and Heliport Operations in Mission Bay Park
cpd_500-05 Taxicab Rates of Fare
cpd_500-06 Regulation of Fireworks Displays
cpd_500-07 The Use of Proposition 172 (Local Public Safety Protection and Improvements of Act of 1993) Funds
cpd_500-08 Disabled Persons Parking Zones on City Streets
cpd_500-09 Minimum Staffing For Fire Engines and Fire Trucks
cpd_600-01 Annexations by City
cpd_600-02 Rezonings - Dedications and Improvements
cpd_600-03 Coastal Housing Program
cpd_600-04 Standards for Rights-of-Way and Improvements Installed Therein
cpd_600-05 Community Plans
cpd_600-06 Community Plans, Implementation of Adopted Plans: Rezoning
cpd_600-07 General Plan Amendment Procedure
cpd_600-08 Underground Conversion of Utility Lines by Utility Company
cpd_600-09 Community Planners Committee
cpd_600-10 Adequacy of Public Services in Connection with Development Proposals
cpd_600-11 Credit for Park and Recreation Facilities Provided by Subdivisions
cpd_600-12 Street Names
cpd_600-13 The San Diego Housing Trust Fund
cpd_600-14 Development within Areas of Special Flood Hazard
cpd_600-15 Street Vacations and Easement Abandonments
cpd_600-16 Major Structures Spanning Public Rights of Way
cpd_600-17 Park Funding - Non-Residential Development
cpd_600-18 Residential/Commercial/Industrial Development
cpd_600-19 Fostering of Balanced Community Development for the City of San Diego
cpd_600-20 Open Housing
cpd_600-21 Subdivision Agreements
cpd_600-22 Availability of Schools
cpd_600-23 Open Space Preservation and Maintenance
cpd_600-24 Standard Operating Procedures and Responsibilities of Recognized Community Planning Groups
cpd_600-25 Underground Conversion of Utility Lines at Developer Expense
cpd_600-26 Policy to Encourage Temporary Agricultural Activities on Properties not Designated for Agriculture
cpd_600-27 Affordable and Sustainable Development
cpd_600-28 Requirements for Development Approval in Planned Urbanizing Areas
cpd_600-29 Maintenance of Future Urbanizing Areas as an Urban Reserve
cpd_600-30 General Plan Amendments to Shift Land from Future Urbanizing to Planned Urbanizing Area
cpd_600-31 Open Space Acquisition Through Donation or Assessment District Proceedings
cpd_600-32 Standards for Centre City Streets, Enhance Pedestrian Orientation and Access, Mass Transit and Alternative Transportation Options Other than the Automobile