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Redevelopment Agency Meeting

Agendas, Minutes, and Reports

About the Redevelopment Agency

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Diego (Agency) was dissolved as of Feb. 1, 2012, per Assembly Bill 1X 26 (AB 26). For questions regarding either the enforceable/recognized obligations of the former Agency or the Oversight Board, contact the Office of the Mayor at 619-236-6330 or

About the Agenda

The Redevelopment Agency usually meets in City Council Chambers of the City Administration Building, 202 C Street, 12th floor, in downtown San Diego. An annual Legislative Calendar is available to view scheduled meetings. Although the Redevelopment Agency is a separate, legal entity, the City Council serves as its legislative body. The City Council President chairs the Agency, the Mayor is the Executive Director, the City Attorney serves as general counsel, and the City's Redevelopment Division serves as staff to the agency.

About the Minutes

The City of San Diego Redevelopment Agency, 1200 Third Ave. Suite 1400, San Diego, CA 92101, maintains all of the Agency official records, and minutes of the Redevelopment Agency Actions.

About the Reports

Redevelopment Agency Reports are significant City government documents. Redevelopment Agency Reports transmit information and recommendations to the Mayor and City Council or to City Council standing committees. The reports are issued by the Redevelopment Agency in response to an informational request by Council or a committee of the Council; or to a pending Council or committee discussion and/or action; or, when material transmitted is of general interest to all members of the City Council and to the public.

There are two types of Redevelopment Agency reports issued:

Information Reports

Information reports make no specific recommendations. The report can be addressed to a particular City Council docket or a standing committee if the Mayor wishes to transmit information to those bodies or if the Council or committee has requested further information on a project or issue.

Action Reports

The primary purpose of this report is to transmit to the Mayor and City Council pertinent information, recommendations, alternative courses of action, and the business and fiscal impacts. The report contains information necessary for the Mayor and City Council's discussion on the requested action.

Note: This site includes reports issued after September, 2000. The electronic version may differ slightly from the official printed version. Attachments available in electronic format are attached to the online Reports. Official printed reports are available from the City of San Diego Redevelopment Agency, 1200 Third Ave. Suite 1400, San Diego, CA 92101 and the City Clerk's Office, 202 C Street, on the 2nd floor of the City Administration.

Redevelopment Agency Agendas, Minutes and Reports available from May 20, 1969 through November 27, 2012, are available.

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Redevelopment Agendas, Minutes and Reports by Year

Official City Documents

Date Number Title
11/27/2012 Oversight Board Agenda 11/27/2012
11/20/2012 Oversight Board Meeting Minutes November 20, 2012
11/20/2012 Oversight Board Agenda 11/20/2012
11/06/2012 Oversight Board Agenda 11/06/2012
10/16/2012 Oversight Board Meeting Minutes (October 16, 2012)
10/16/2012 Oversight Board Agenda 10/16/2012
10/02/2012 Oversight Board Agenda 10/02/2012
09/18/2012 Oversight Board Agenda 09/18/2012
09/18/2012 Oversight Board Meeting Minutes September 18, 2012)
08/28/2012 Oversight Board Agenda 08/28/2012
08/28/2012 Oversight Board Meeting Minutes (August 28, 2012)
08/21/2012 Oversight Board Agenda 08/21/2012
08/07/2012 Oversight Board Meeting Minutes (August 07, 2012)
08/07/2012 Oversight Board Agenda 08/07/2012
07/17/2012 Oversight Board Agenda 07/17/2012
07/03/2012 Oversight Board Agenda 07/03/2012
06/14/2012 Oversight Board Meeting Minutes (July 17, 2012)
06/14/2012 Oversight Board Meeting Minutes (June 14, 2012)
06/14/2012 Oversight Board Agenda 06/14/2012
05/31/2012 Oversight Board Agenda 05/31/2012
05/31/2012 Oversight Board Meeting Minutes (May 31, 2012)
05/11/2012 Oversight Board Agenda (May 11, 2012)
05/11/2012 Oversight Board Meeting Minutes (May 11, 2012)
04/25/2012 Oversight Board Agenda Revised 4/24/2012
04/25/2012 Oversight Board for City of San Diego Redevelopment Successor Agency Minutes
01/31/2012 Redevelopment Agenda
01/31/2012 Supplemental Redevelopment Agenda
01/31/2012 Special Closed Session Redevelopment Agenda
01/30/2012 Memo for Special Redevelopment Meeting and Closed Session
01/30/2012 Special Redevelopment Agenda
01/24/2012 Adjourned Redevelopment Agenda
01/24/2012 Adjourned Redevelopment Meeting Minutes
01/10/2012 Adjourned Redevelopment Agenda
01/10/2012 Adjourned Redevelopment Meeting Minutes
01/10/2012 Special Closed Session Redevelopment Agenda
01/09/2012 Memo Special Redevelopment Meeting and Closed Session
01/09/2012 Special Redevelopment Meeting Minutes
01/09/2012 Special Redevelopment Agenda
12/12/2011 Memo Special Redevelopment Meeting
12/12/2011 Special Redevelopment Agenda
12/12/2011 R-04693 Special Redevelopment Meeting Minutes
12/06/2011 R-04690, R-04691, R-04692 Redevelopment Meeting Minutes
12/06/2011 Redevelopment Agenda
11/15/2011 Closed Session Redevelopment Agenda
11/15/2011 Adjourned Redevelopment Meeting Minutes
11/15/2011 Adjourned Redevelopment Agenda
11/14/2011 Special Redevelopment Agenda
11/14/2011 Memo Special Redevelopment Meeting
11/14/2011 Special Redevelopment Meeting Minutes