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Mapping and Land Title Document Review

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The Mapping section reviews maps and title documents for compliance with the Subdivision Map Act, Professional Land Surveyors Act, Land Development Code and conditions of approval in previously approved discretionary land use permits.



The Mapping and Land Title Document Preparation Manual is an appendix of the Land Development Manual.

The manual was prepared by a committee of members of the California Land Surveyors Association, San Diego Chapter and City staff. All members are Professional Land Surveyors. The members spent numerous hours writing and evaluating to provide a valuable tool for a land surveyor employed within the City of San Diego.

The manual provides hyperlinks to all current law including the Subdivision Map Act and the Land Development Code. Please revisit your standard language templates that you may have for maps as many have been updated.

The most commonly used deed templates are available separately by the link below. Sample letters/documents that satisfy resolution conditions, along with agreement forms are also available by separate links.

Processing Forms and Guidelines

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