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Land Development Manual

The Land Development Manual provides information to assist in the processing and review of applications. Volume I establishes requirements for the submittal of applications, including the identification of required fees and deposits. Volume II establishes development standards and guidelines used in the review of applications. The appendices include a number of manuals that were originally adopted in advance of the Land Development Manual. Each will be formally incorporated into the Land Development Manual at the time future amendments are processed.

New Landscape Standards

On Apr. 05, 2016, new Landscape Standards that implement the amendments to the Landscape Regulations that expand water conservation in landscaping become effective.

Land Development Code - Landscape Standards

Current Land Development Manual

* For documents that are not yet available online, contact City Publication at 619-446-5200 for a hard copy availability and pricing information.

Appendix Description File Type
A PDF icon C.E.Q.A. City Guidelines PDF
B PDF icon Drainage Design Manual PDF
C PDF icon Repealed via ordinance O-20235 PDF
D PDF icon Guidelines for Geotechnical Reports PDF
E Land Development Manual and Public Improvement Plans *
F PDF icon Reclaimed Water Manual *
G PDF icon Repealed via ordinance O-20235 PDF
H Standard Drawings multiple files
I Street Design Manual multiple files
J PDF icon Mapping and Land Title Document Preparation Manual PDF
K PDF icon Repealed via ordinance O-20235 PDF
L PDF icon Transit-Oriented Development Design Guidelines PDF
M PDF icon Trip Generation Manual PDF

PDF icon Water Design Guide
PDF icon Sewer Design Guide


PDF icon Storm Water Standards Manual 2018



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