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Rapid Review

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Rapid Review, formerly known as Over-the-Counter review, is determined at the time of submittal based on the project's proposed scope. If a project is determined to be eligible, DSD staff automatically place the project into Rapid Review. In some cases, certain disciplines may be unable to perform a Rapid Review based on the project scope.

Rapid Review eligible minor projects include:

  1. First-floor additions up to 750 square feet in area for a single-dwelling unit or duplex additions can include JADU or ADU. See Information Bulletin 140 and Information Bulletin 400.
  1. Interior remodels of single-dwelling units and duplexes or garage conversions can include JADU or ADU conversion. See Information Bulletin 140 and Information Bulletin 400.
  1. Accessory structures using City of San Diego standard designs and the following:

    1. Carports per Information Bulletin 205
    2. Patio Covers per Information Bulletin per Information Bulletin 206
    3. Retaining walls (one wall type, maximum 6 feet in height) per Information Bulletin 220 and Information Bulletin 221
    4. Simple foundation repairs for single-dwelling units and duplexes
    5. Awnings (up to two types)
    6. Deck/stair repairs
    7. Equipment platforms
    8. Roof-mounted equipment
    9. Production phase of a master plan pool up to 6 feet in depth per Information Bulletin 712.
  1. Movable tiny homes designed per Information Bulletin 403.
  1. Production phase master plan pools or spas accessory to a non-residential or multiple-dwelling unit uses, up to 6 feet in depth per Information Bulletin 712
  1. Tenant improvement projects for Group B, M, F, or S occupancies (as defined by the California Building Code) not exceeding 10,000 square feet in area on not more than two floors and not associated with any structural work or any hazardous materials.  See Information Bulletin 165 for information on hazardous materials.
  1. MDU remodels
  1. Fire alarm systems per Information Bulletin 137:

    1. Affidavits (Form DS-163)
    2. Sprinkler monitoring systems
    3. Office Tenant Improvement fire alarm systems not exceeding 10,000 square feet in area
    4. Fire alarm control unit upgrades/replacements – Technical Bulletin FIRE 9-2
  2. Fire sprinkler/suppression systems per Information Bulletin 139
    1. Affidavits (Form DS-161)
    2. Kitchen hood suppression systems
    3. Office Tenant Improvements sprinkler systems not exceeding 50 sprinkler heads.
    4. Fire underground serving a single building per Information Bulletin 181
  3. Sign Permits per Information Bulletin 111.
  4. Minor Right-of-way permits as identified in Information Bulletin 165, "How to Obtain a Public Right-of-Way Permit for Standard Public Improvements."

NOTE: If Historic, Building and Land Use Enforcement (Code Enforcement), Addressing or outside DSD reviews are required review cycles, those reviews will be performed as submitted cycles.  All other reviews will still be performed via Rapid Review.

Check on the Status of Your Project: 

To follow the progress of your project and reviewer comments, visit OpenDSD for project applications submitted before Jan. 16, 2018, and for all other project applications.