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Permits FAQs

When is a permit required and what are the exemptions?

There are several regulations covering construction work that is exempt from building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical or combination permits in the City of San Diego. Read more.

When does a permit expire and how do I get an extension?

Permit expiration and extension requirements are covered in Section 129.0216 through 129.0219 of the San Diego Municipal Code. Read about the procedural information.

How do I obtain a permit to build a residential addition?

There are many minimum requirements for obtaining a permit for single-story room additions and accessory structures for single-dwelling unit or duplex residents. Read more.

What are the requirements to get a permit for residential garage conversions?

There are several requirements for obtaining a permit to convert a garage of a single-dwelling unit or duplex to a habitable, or no parking, area. Read more.

How do I obtain a permit for commercial tenant improvements (TI)?

Tenant improvements are defined as nonstructural interior alterations to an existing commercial or industrial space.

What is a no-plan permit?

A no-plan permit is for work that does not need construction plans to be reviewed by the City before construction. By using Simple Permits, you can request a plumbing and gas, electrical, or mechanical no-plan permit. Work covered by these permits includes water heater or furnace replacement, moving or adding a natural gas line, or adding or moving electric sockets. For information regarding no-plan Building permits (which are not part of Simple Permits) please Read more.

How do I obtain a permit for residential decks?

A building permit is required for any residential deck more than 30 inches above grade. Read more.

What is the development permits appeal procedure?

The appeal procedure for development permits processed in accordance with Processes Two, Three and Four, includes specific criteria and fees. Read more (PDF).

What are the permit instructions and procedures for building demolition?

A permit is required for the demolition/removal of all structures except those exempted per the Land Development Code. Read more.