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2019 Balboa Park Committee Meetings

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Inspiration Point RFP

After extensive conversations and feedback from the community, the City of San Diego is canceling the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Redevelopment, Operation, License and Lease of City-Owned Property at Inspiration Point, 2125 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101, No. 212510719.

There is currently no timetable to issue a request for proposals for this site. Prior to the issuance of a request for proposals for this site, the community will be invited to provide recommendations to help define the project scope.

The City appreciates the community for its input in the process to date, especially those who took the time to participate in the July 11, 2019 Balboa Park Committee public workshop. This information will be useful in any future decisions regarding reactivation of the Inspiration Point portion of Balboa Park.

All materials generated from the July 11, 2019 public workshop will remain archived for the public to review in the "Agendas" section on this page.