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City Planning Department

Kearny Mesa - Previous Planning Efforts, Studies and Reports

Previous Plan

Only applicable for projects deemed complete prior to January 2020.

Specific Plans

Additional land use planning information may be accessed in the Montgomery Field Master Plan (1980), currently in the process of being updated) and New Century Center Master Plan (aka Spectrum, 1997, last amended 2002).

2020 Community Plan Update

A comprehensive update to the Kearny Mesa Community Plan was approved in 2020 to guide future development in Kearny Mesa so it continues to thrive as a key employment center for the City. The updated Community Plan’s compact land use strategy, policy framework, and multimodal network achieve a vision for a vibrant employment community consistent with the General Plan City of Villages Strategy and the City’s Climate Action Plan goals. The updated community plan, which received a recommendation from the Kearny Mesa Community Planning Group and Planning Commission and was then adopted by the City Council in 2020.

Final Mobility Technical Report