The City of San Diego is updating the Mid-City Communities Plan for the first time in 25 years to identify opportunities for new homes, businesses and infrastructure to benefit everyone in Mid-City. The Mid-City Communities Plan will be a part of the City's General Plan - the City's guide to long-term growth - and will implement the City's Climate Action Plan. The City looks forward to hearing from community members about what the community is like today, and their vision for the future growth and investment in Mid-City. 

The Mid-City Communities Plan includes four communities: City Heights, Eastern Area, Kensington-Talmage and Normal Heights. The update to the Mid-City Communities Plan will serve as the 30-year vision for history and place, sustainability and climate resilience, land use, design, mobility, and parks, public facilities and open space.

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Strategic Plan Priority Areas of Focus

This initiative focuses on the following priority areas of the Strategic Plan:

Create Homes for All of Us

Focuses opportunities for housing within mixed-use, commercial and residential areas.

Protect & Enrich Every Neighborhood

Identifies opportunities for public spaces and pocket parks, trails and joint-use facilities.

Provides guidance for the future identification and preservation of historical resources and districts that embody architectural and cultural history.

Advance Mobility & Infrastructure

Identifies opportunities for mobility infrastructure that improves walking/rolling, biking and transit connections.

Champion Sustainability

Promotes opportunities for urban greening and street trees to address stormwater runoff and climate change.

Protects canyons, open spaces and sensitive habitats.

Foster Regional Prosperity

Promotes employment uses as economic drivers connected to regional transit.

Mid-City Communities Planning Area

Community Plan Update Timeline and Process

The community ideas phase takes place in winter through summer 2024. In this phase, input will be collected from people that live and work in Mid-City about how to improved the community. The community validation phase takes place in fall through winter 2024. In this phase, input will be collected on early options based on community ideas and technical analyses. The first draft phase takes place in spring to fall 2025. This phase will give the community an opportunity to review and provide meaningful input on the complete draft. The second draft/environmental analysis phase takes place in winter through spring 2026 and includes an updated plan and environmental document for the community plan. The adoption and hearing process phase takes place in summer through fall 2026. In this phase, the community plan will be finalized for adoption by the city council.

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Mid-City Communities Plan Update Working Group

As a part of an inclusive engagement process, the City has convened a Working Group. The first meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, June 26, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at The Salvation Army Kroc Center - Community Room (6753 University Ave.) to discuss findings from the existing conditions report.

Existing Conditions 


Supporting Information and Materials

Current and Past Community Plans