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Illustration of Pilot Village, Paseo

General Plan

The General Plan contains citywide policies for growth and development. Read more about the General Plan.

Community Plans

Community plans work together with the General Plan to provide location-based policies and recommendations in the City’s 50-plus community planning areas. Community plans are written to refine the General Plan’s citywide policies, designate land uses and housing densities, and include additional site-specific recommendations as needed. Read more about the community plans.

Land Development Code

The Code Update Team (CUT) monitors and keeps the Land Development Code current and in compliance with state and federal regulations.  The updates include comprehensive updates that eliminate redundancies and contradictions, and streamline the review process.  The CUT team reviews, analyzes and coordinates the public outreach efforts and public hearing process. Read more about the Code Update Team.

Photo of Historical Building

Historic Preservation Planning

Historic Preservation Planning is responsible for updating and developing policies and programs that protect the unique history, architecture, and character of San Diego.  Read more about Historic Preservation Planning.

Photo of Freeway Message Sign

Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning is helping the City of San Diego plan for its future mobility needs by developing transportation master plans, determining roadway improvements and increasing the use of transportation systems. Read more about Transportation Planning.

Photo of Vernal Pool

Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP)

The Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) is working to preserve a network of space, protect bio-diversity and enhance the region's quality of life. The MSCP plan guides the preparation of individual sub-area plans for each jurisdiction. Read more about MSCP.

Photo of Mission Trails Regional Park Visitors' Center

Park Planning

Park Planning provides information on the planning and inventory of parkland and open space in each community planning area. It describes the park requirements within the Recreation Element of the General Plan and also within each Community Plan. Read more about Park Planning.

Illustration of San Diego Map

Maps & Urban Analysis

Maps & Urban Analysis provides important statistics on population, housing and employment in the City of San Diego. You will also find detailed maps for each community, as well as the entire City of San Diego. Read more about Maps & Urban Analysis.

Photo of river

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Policy and Review

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) & Policy Review section reviews City projects and other actions under CEQA for potential environmental impacts, prepares environmental documents, directs the work of outside environmental consultants, and provides CEQA training to community planning groups. Read more about CEQA Policy and Review.


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