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City Planning Department

Parking Reform

Updated Muncipal Code Supports Local Businesses and Reduces Transportation Emissions  

Effective Jan. 16, 2022, Ordinance O-21041 eliminated minimum parking requirements for many businesses in Transit Priority Areas (TPAs) and commercial neighborhoods citywide. Commercial tenants and building owners in TPAs and commercial neighborhoods citywide now have the option to  provide as much parking as they need, or use those spaces for other purposes, such as outdoor dining or creating outdoor spaces.

Picture of Ponce's Mexican Restaurant outdoor dining.

The amended municipal code  allows businesses to  adapt to changing transportation and economic trends and encourages more walking, biking or taking transit (vs. driving) thereby  decreasing climate pollution. This aligns with and builds on several City  plans and initiatives, including the 2019 residential parking update, Complete Communities: Mobility Choices, Vision Zero, the General Plan and Climate Action Plan.

Existing businesses that would like to use the public right of way, including parking spaces, for outdoor dining can now apply for a Spaces as Places permit.

Parking Standards Transit Priority Areas