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City Planning Department

Fiesta Island Amendment

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Mission Bay Park is a Regional Park that provides recreational amenities to all residents of the City of San Diego, as well as visitors to the San Diego area. The vision for Fiesta Island, as outlined in the Mission Bay Park Master Plan, is a place where City residents and visitors alike will find the ultimate refuge from urban congestion, noise and visual clutter.  The overarching goal for Fiesta Island is that the Island will be “an area which supports a diversity of regional-serving public and non-profit recreation and natural resource management and enhancement uses.”  

The Mission Bay Park Master Plan includes the adopted Fiesta Island Amendment and Concept Plan as well as policies specific to Fiesta Island. The adopted Fiesta Island Concept Plan provides guidance for land uses on Fiesta Island and reflects the current vision.  The Fiesta Island Concept Plan continues to balance land use objectives, while considering physical constraints, changes in public desire for regional parkland, and evolving ecological and natural resource considerations. 

GDP Discussion

General Development Plans (GDPs) will be developed pursuant to the Fiesta Island Amendment for subareas of Fiesta Island to refine the design and extent of the improvements and provide construction-level details. Restoration and creation of habitat areas will be implemented in accordance with the Mission Bay Park 10-Year Improvement Plan, which is currently in progress. 


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