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Title Purchase Suggestion

Before making a suggestion for purchase of a title, please check our Catalog to verify that the Library does not already own the title. Information from Books-in-Print or Amazon.com may be helpful in determining if your suggestion is available for purchase.

Please note:

  • Due to the high volume of suggestions received, we are unable to send individual notifications concerning purchases.
  • While the San Diego Public Library strives to make our collection as responsive as possible to community needs, we are unable to purchase every title that is suggested.
  • For very specialized or out-of-print titles, you may want to request that the title be transferred from another library system. (For more detail see Interlibrary Loan procedures.)
  • When titles are ordered they appear in the Library Catalog. To place a hold (reserve a title), please check the Library Catalog for availability.


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You must have Javascript enabled to use this form.