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Public Utilities

Billing Adjustments for Water Leaks

A meter leak is a leak that exists in the meter or meter connection and water is not returned to the sewer system. An adjustment may be made when it is determined that the customer was inaccurately billed due to a meter leak.

A concealed pipe leak is one that occurs on the customer side of the meter and which is not readily detectable by the customer. You may qualify for a concealed pipe leak adjustment if:

  • The pipe leak occurred on the customer side of the meter.
  • The non-irrigation-related pipe leak was concealed.
  • Leak has been repaired (proof of repairs with supporting documentation is required for any adjustment consideration).
  • Usage has returned to normal.
  • A request for an adjustment is made to the Public Utilities Department within 120 days of the customer’s receipt of the bill for the period for which the adjustment is requested.

See more information about checking for water leaks on your property and water meter leaks. As a reminder, leaks from irrigation, a swimming pool, appliances and plumbing fixtures such as toilets, do not qualify for adjustments.

Please use our online form to submit a request for a leak adjustment.