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Goods and Services Contracts FY2021

Contract Number Contract Name Award Date Award Amount Contractor PCO
10089626-20-W PDF icon Mobility Data Analytics Platform 7/15/2020 $178,845.5 Populus Technologies Inc Mike Warner
10089681-20-W PDF icon Gases and Cylinders for PUD 9/22/2020 $3,000,000 Matheson Tri-Gas Inc Mike Warner
10089689-21-W PDF icon As-Needed EPM CCTV of Sewer Mains 10/16/2020 $3,000,000 Downstream Services Inc Mike Warner
10089714-21-W PDF icon Cleaning of Sludge Hopper Bay Area at MBC 11/6/2020 $1,000,000 Quality Coast Incorporated Mike Warner
SS 4066 PDF icon Rotork Actuators, Parts, Technical, and Repair Services 11/24/2020 $2,400,000 Rotork Controls  Inc Mike Warner
10089723-21-W PDF icon Sewer Leader Hose, Fittings, Accessories and Repairs 12/17/2020 $3,000,000 Haaker Equipment Company Mike Warner
10089600-20-G PDF icon Pool Replastering & Deck Work 11/16/2020 $3,000,000 Califonia Commercial Pools Jerry Gibbs
10089622-20-G PDF icon Golf Cart Lease and Service 12/6/2020 $3,000,000 Clubcar Jerry Gibbs
10089576-20-G PDF icon Break Away Sign Support System 8/27/2020 $1,000,000 Pacific Products Jerry Gibbs
10089577-20-G PDF icon Thermalplastic Pavement Markers 7/26/2020 $1,500,000 Ennis Flint Jerry Gibbs
10089579-20-G PDF icon Signs & Hardware Supplies 7/31/2020 $1,250,000 Safeway Sign Company Jerry Gibbs
10089601-21-K PDF icon Wellness Program for SDFR 7/7/2020 $11,500,000 San Diego Sports Medicine Brent Krohn
10089639-20-K PDF icon Bomb Squad Robot 7/20/2020 $345,000 Telerob Brent Krohn
10089648-20-K PDF icon Parking Meters 11/5/2020 $12,091,818 IPS Group Brent Krohn
10089658-20-K PDF icon Fire Alarm and Security Monitoring Systems 10/9/2020 $500,000 Rancho Santa Fe Security Brent Krohn
10089659-20-K PDF icon Aluminum Fireboat 7/22/2020 $1,079,519 William Munson Co Brent Krohn
10089661-20-K PDF icon Downtown Portable Restroom Security 7/7/2020 $3,000,000 Six Maritim Brent Krohn
10089777-21-K PDF icon Google Workspace Saas 12/23/2020 $3,000,000 SHI International Brent Krohn
Non Profit PDF icon Outreach and Education Across Businesses 7/20/2020 $45,000 Asian Business Association Brent Krohn
Non Profit PDF icon Small and Disadvantaged Business Outreach 9/11/2020 $200,000 Asian Business Association Brent Krohn
Emergency PDF icon COVID 19 Sympton Tracker 12/15/2020 $80,686.04 Carahsoft Brent Krohn
Non Profit PDF icon Direct Grant Funds for Small & Disadvantaged 9/21/2020 $500,000 San Diego Grant Makers Brent Krohn
Agency PDF icon Pulsepoint Smartphone Application Expenses 10/14/2020 $28,000 County of San Diego Brent Krohn
5th Amendment-Sole Source PDF icon Debt collection software 12/3/2020 $240,000 Columbia Ultimate Inc Brent Krohn
Sole Source 4116 PDF icon Engine Services Agreement 10/30/2020 $1,203,060 GE Aviation Brent Krohn
Quote Process PDF icon Hotel Lodging and Meeting Services 8/11/2020 $45,000 Interstate Mgmt Co Brent Krohn
Non Profit PDF icon Community Outreach-Smart City 8/14/2020 $26,000 Local Gvt Commission Brent Krohn
Trustee Agmt PDF icon Investment Consulting 10/15/2020 $312,500 Milliman Advisors Brent Krohn
Quote Process PDF icon Audit Management Software 8/31/2020 $125,000 Morgan Kai Brent Krohn
Non Profit PDF icon COVID 19 Testing 10/6/2020 $470,400 UCSD Brent Krohn
Non Profit PDF icon COVID 19 Testing for City Leadership 11/24/2020 $250,000 UCSD Brent Krohn
10089550-20-L PDF icon Janitorial Maintenance Service at Gas Lamp Square 8/6/2020 $1,600,000 Corporal Building Services, Inc. Lisa Hoffmann
10089561-19-L PDF icon Janitorial Maintenance Service at Various Public Utilities Facilities and Pump Stations 8/14/2020 $5,000,000 NMS Management, Inc. Lisa Hoffmann
10089701-21-P PDF icon HP Cares Act 10/1/2020 $3,000,000 Insight Public Sector Sonia Pacheco
10089654-20P PDF icon Conductive Energy Weapon Devices 10/7/2020 $2,500,000 Axxon Sonia Pacheco
SS 4145 PDF icon Hexagon CAD System 10/13/2020 $5,878,244.48 Intergraph Corporation Sonia Pacheco
SS 4074 PDF icon As-Needed Supplies and Technical Support for the COMNET Distributed Control System 7/24/2020 $30,000,000 Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solution, Inc. Vanessa Delgado
SS 4142 PDF icon First Amendment Consultant Services Agreement for Coastal Remote Sensing of the SD/TJ Region 7/29/2020 $1,9705,86 Atoll Ventures dba Ocean Imaging Vanessa Delgado
SS 4154 PDF icon First Amendment for Temporary Innovation Technology Consultant Services Agreement 8/5/2020 $100,000 Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. Vanessa Delgado
SS 4182 PDF icon SCADA Software Upgrades for the Alvarado Water Treatment Plant 9/30/2020 $330,000 E&M Electric and Machinery, Inc. dba Wonderware California Vanessa Delgado
SS 3824 PDF icon First Amendment Fairbanks Morse Replacement Equipment and Parts 10/16/2020 $3,000,000 Flo-Systems, Inc. Vanessa Delgado
 SS 4163 PDF icon First Amendment Temporary Wastewater Flow Monitoring and Event Notification Services, Software, and Equipment Services 11/20/2020 $1,488,803.16 ADS Corp Vanessa Delgado
RFP 10089570-20-V PDF icon Biosolids Mgmt. and Hauling Svcs 7/28/2020 $105,796,509 San Diego Landfill Systems, LLC a Subsidary of Republic Services, Inc. Vanessa Delgado
ITB 10089707-21-V PDF icon One-Time Intense Rehabilitation of Filter Media at MWTP 9/25/2020 $3,000,000 IMC Consulting, LLC. Vanessa Delgado
RFP 10089684-21-V PDF icon Develop PUD City Policies & Procedures for the Customer Support Operations 11/30/2020 $229,441 Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc. Vanessa Delgado
ITB 10089682-20-V PDF icon Sodium Hypochlorite for the Public Utilities Department 12/29/2020 $13,300,000 JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc. Vanessa Delgado
Agency PDF icon Independent Advisory Panel for the City's Potable Reuse Projects Policy 8/26/2020 $1,295,626.04 National Water Research Institute Vanessa Delgado
Amendment PDF icon Total Compensation Surveys 9/2/2020 $148,32 Kaneko & Krammer Corp Sandra Vasquez
Amendment PDF icon Electronic Filing of Disclosure documents required by CA Political Reform Act 10/6/2020 $81,250 Netfile, Inc Sandra Vasquez
RFP 10089563-20-J PDF icon Security Guard Services for PUD 7/31/2020 $24,969,478.2 Securitas Security Services Janet Polite
RFP 10089580-20-J PDF icon Get it Done/Salesforce Platform Application Development Management Software 7/23/2020 $20,780,337 Deloitte Consulting, LLP Janet Polite
RFP 10089370-19-J PDF icon Sewer Inspection Data Management Software 8/21/2020 $480,100 Innovyze, Inc. Janet Polite
RFP 10089370-19-J PDF icon First Amendment - Sewer Inspection Data Management Software 8/20/2020   Innovyze, Inc. Janet Polite
ITB 10089690-21-J PDF icon Sewer Pipes, Cleanouts and Couplings 12/28/2020 $3,000,000 Ferguson Waterworks Janet Polite
SS 4111 PDF icon Maintenance & Support Services for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure Fixed Network Choice Connect System and MV-RS Hardware and Software   $2,600,000 Itron, Inc. Janet Polite
SS 4166 PDF icon Fourth Amendment - Temporary Stadium Elevator Services 7/14/2020 $1,189,447 24-Hour Elevator Janet Polite