To comply with the requirements of the San Diego Sunshine Act, the contracts listed here are being made available to help ensure that the public has access to government information and policy-making information. These resources provide, in a searchable format, the text of all goods and services contracts entered into by the City valued at more than $25,000, from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. The requisite justification memo for all contracts identified below as sole source contracts is included in the PDF document for each contract. To view a contract, click on the Contract Number for the desired project.

Contract Number Type Contract Name Award Date Award Amount Contractor Number of Responsive Bids/Proposals PCO
10089787-22-L RFP Complete Landscape Maintenance Service for StoneCrest Village MAD 11/30/2022 NTE $3,000,000.00 Contemporary Design Landscape 7 Lisa Hoffman
10089875-22-S RFP Development of a Focused Economic Development Strategy 11/22/22 $200,000.00  Guidehouse, Inc. 5 Sandra M. Vasquez
10089935-23-S ITB HP Business Class Desktop and Laptop Computers 5/11/23 $3,000,000.00  Staples Contract & Commercial LLC 11 Sandra M. Vasquez
10089909-22-G ITB Janitorial Services for Storm Water Department 9/15/22 $300,000.00  Tom's Janitorial Services, Inc. 6 Jerry Gibbs
10089855-22-G RFP Pavement Condition Assessment 1/3/23 $1,500,000.00 Fugro USA Land, Inc. 5 Jerry Gibbs
10089937-23-S ITB Future and Netskope Software as a Service Solutions 12/12/23 $3,000,000.00 Presidio Networked Solutions Group 5 Sandra M. Vasquez
Sole Source 4302 Sole Source Replacement of Two (2) truck scales 2/9/23 $500,000.00 Michelli Measurement Group, Inc. N/A Kristine Kallek
Non-Profit Non-Profit

Mattress Recycling Program


$0/ Revenue Generating

Mattress Recycling Council California, LLC

N/A Kristine Kallek
10089884-23-E RFP Climate Action Plan 8/9/23 $500,000.00 University of San Diego (USD) 4 William Eames
10089923-23-E RFP

Toxicology Services

8/8/23 $10,000.00 Bio-Tox Laboratories, Inc 1 William Eames
SS Motorala Quote NetRMS Interface Maintenance Support 8/8/23 $10,000.00

Motorola Solutions, Inc. 

N/A William Eames
C2113 RFP Community Focus Group Management for Town-Hall Experiences 3/20/23 $350,000.00 Social Advocates for Youth SD Inc. 7 Andrea O'hara
4159 Sole Source Body Worn Cameras 6/29/23 $945,000.00 Axon Enterprise, Inc. N/A William Eames
Non-Profit DFC NPO Safe Sleeping Program Agreement 6/29/23 $944,927.00 Dreams for Change, Inc. N/A Vanessa Delgado
SANDAG Agreement S1145692 COOP Pacific Beach Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Shuttle Pilot Services 6/29/23 NTE $500,000.00 Circuit Transit Inc. N/A Sandra M. Vasquez
4312 Sole Source First Amendment Fleet Information Management System 6/28/23 $449,506.12 AssetWorks, Inc. N/A Vanessa Delgado
SS4528 Sole Source San Diego Humane Society to Provide Animal Services 6/27/23 $222,413,170.00 San Diego Humane Society 1 Vanessa Delgado
4322 Sole Source Camera Service and Maintenance 6/21/23 $239,555.00 Teledyne FLIR N/A William Eames
Agreement to Provide Library Speaker Services Informal Land Survey Products and Services, Trimble Brand 6/27/23 $25,000.00 PBC Guru, LLC 1 Rene M. Flores
Co-Op 1-21-66-03 Co-Op Land Survey Products and Services, Trimble Brand 6/28/23 $3,000,000.00 California Surveying and Drafting Supply, Inc. N/A Taylor Cox
10089940-23-S ITB VMWare Annual Subscriptions, Support, and Technical Services 6/20/23 NTE $3,000,000.00 Nth Generation Computing Inc. 4 Sandra M. Vasquez
4546 Sole Source Energy Billing EDI Solution 6/16/23 NTE $232,506.49 EnergyCAP LLC N/A Sandra M. Vasquez
10089866-23-X ITB Crane Inspection Maintenance and Certification Svcs ITB 10089866-23-X 6/13/23 $3,000,000.00 Aerial & Crane Experts Inc. 1 Tammy Ferguson
10090009-23-R RFP Consultant Services for FY 2025-2029 Consolidated Plan 6/12/23 $107,000.00 Root Policy Research 2 Rene M. Flores
COOP Herc Rentals COOP Fifth Amendment Equipment Rental and Related Products and Services 5/31/23 N/A Herc Rentals, Inc. N/A Vanessa Delgado
Non-Profit Agreement NAMI NPO First Amendment Street-Based Outreach Svcs 5/31/23 $1,335,324.00 NAMI San Diego N/A Vanessa Delgado
10090003-23-S ITB ERP System Consultant Services 5/17/23 NTE $490,000.00 Gartner, Inc. 12 Sandra M. Vasquez
Non-Profit Agreement FRPS NPO Second Amendment Family Reunification Program Service 5/23/23 $950,000.00 Downtown San Diego Partnership N/A Vanessa Delgado
Sole Source 4547 Sole Source  RFID Systems Maintenance 5/22/23 $711,494.57 Bibliotheca LLC 1 Rene M. Flores
Media Arts Center SD Non-Profit Second Amendment with Media Arts Center San Diego for Media Arts Workforce Development Services 5/22/23 $414,860.00 Media Arts Center San Diego 1 Rene M. Flores
N/A Services Agreement Agreement Between the City of San Diego and San Diego Parks Foundation for the Parks After Dark Program 5/22/23 $227,200.00 San Diego Parks Foundation 1 Lisa Hoffmann
NPA-HIA NPA NPA - Healthcare in Action for Street Medicine Program 3/30/23 $500,000.00 Healthcare in Action, Inc. 1 Tammy Ferguson
NPA-Horton Plaza Theatres NPA NPA Horton Plaza Theatres Foundation FY23 for Arts and Culture Services 4/14/23 $350,000.00 Horton Plaza Theatres Foundation 1 Tammy Ferguson
10089972-23-D RFP Hotel Facilities and Accommodations (Rebid) 5/15/23 $1,000,000.00 Courtyard by Marriott – San Diego Central 2 Damian Singleton
Sole Source 4517 Sole Source Provide Grit Slurry Cups 5/1/23 $1,800,000.00  Hydro International N/A Michael Warner
10089946-23-D RFP Consulting Services for Police Promotional Examinations 4/18/23 $500,000.00 Industrial/Organizational Solutions, Inc (IOS) 2 Damian Singleton
4533 Sole Source Hope Tech Suite Agreement 4/18/23 $60,800.00 Exponent Partners N/A Vanessa Delgado
Sole Source 4263 Sole Source Community Surveys 4/18/23 $496,000.00 Zencity N/A William Eames
10089974-23-S ITB Rubrik Maintenance and Support Services 4/17/23 NTE $3,000,000.00 Tec-Refresh 2 Sandra M. Vasquez
10089924-23-E RFP Printing and Mailing Services for the Office of the City Treasurer 4/17/23 $3,000,000.00 Electronic Output Solutions, Inc. 1 Rene M. Flores
Serving Seniors Agreement NPO First Amendment Managing Non-Congregate Senior Shelter 4/5/23 $737,628.00 Serving Seniors N/A Vanessa Delgado
Non-Profit Agreement NPO Chollas Creek Watershed Regional Park Master Plan 4/4/23 $200,000.00 Kounkuey Design Initiative 1 Rene M. Flores
10089947-23-W ITB Traffic and Street Warning Devices Rebid 4/6/23 $3,000,000.00 Hudson Safe T Lite Rentals 2 Michael Warner
10089933-23-D RFP Consulting Services for Fire Promotional Examinations 3/29/23 $500,000.00 Industrial/Organizational Solutions, Inc. (IOS) 2 dsingleton@sandiego.govDamian Singleton
Non-Profit Agreement NPO Environmental Justice Element – Equitable Engagement Services 3/28/23 $200,000.00 Kounkuey Design Initiative 1 Rene M. Flores
10089979-23-W ITB Procurement of Personal Escape System (PES) 3/28/23 $3,000,000.00 Allstar Fire Equipment 1

Michael Warner

Non-Profit Agreement NPO Development Impact Fee Prioritization Project 3/27/23 $125,025.00 Kounkuey Design Initiative 1 Rene M. Flores
10089900-22-R - Baker & Taylor ITB Library Books, Visual Audio Materials, Music Scores, and Processing Services 3/17/23 $15,000,000.00 Baker & Taylor, LLC 5

Rene M. Flores

10089900-22-R ITB Library Books, Visual Audio Materials, Music Scores, and Processing Services 3/17/23 $2,500,000.00 Midwest Tape, LLC 5

Rene M. Flores

10089956-23-G RFP Community Focus Group Management for Town-Hall Experiences 3/20/23 $350,000.00 Social Advocates for Youth SD Inc. 7

Andrea O'hara

10089841-23-L RFP Consultant to Provide a Prioritization Framework for Balboa Park 3/22/23 $289,960.00 AEA Consulting, LLC 1 Lisa Hoffmann
Sole Source 4261 Sole Source Landscaping Services 3/16/23 $230,000.00 New Way Landscaping N/A Kristine Kallek
10089853-22-W ITB Janitorial Maintenance and COVID-19 Sanitation Services for PUD Chollas Buildings A & B and Warehouse Trailer 3/14/23 $720,000.00 NMS Management, Inc. 6 Michael Warner
Co-Op AR2472 Co-Op Workiva Financial Reporting Software 3/13/23 $206,291.52 Carahsoft Technology Corporation N/A Taylor Cox
Sole Source 4411 Sole Source Assistance on Solicitation Specifications for Resource Recovery Facility 3/8/23 $150,735.00 HF&H Consultants LLC N/A Kristine Kallek
10089991-23-E ITB Glocks for SDPD 3/2/23 $3,000,000.00 Proforce Marketing, Inc. 2 William Eames
10089951-23-M ITB Liquid Ammonium Sulfate Solution 2/28/23 $3,000,000.00 Univar Solutions USA, Inc. 3 Mark Holt
COOP 031121-TTC COOP Grounds Maint. Equip. Att. and Accessories with Related Svcs. Agreement COOP 031121-TTC 2/28/23 $3,000,000.00 Turf Star, Inc. dba Turf Star Western N/A Vanessa Delgado
10089685-23-L RFP Tiny Tots Program at Doyle Recreation Center 2/23/23 $1,000,000.00 Anette Suleiman (dba Doyle Park Tiny Tots) 2 Lisa Hoffmann
10089958-23-E RFP Energy Consultant Services 2/22/23 $500,000.00 MRW & Associates LLC 1 William Eames
C2104 NPO Community Planning Group Support and Outreach 2/21/23 $75,000.00 Institute for Public Strategies N/A Marlon Pangilinan
4523 Sole Source Digital Library Agreement 2/15/23 $250,000.00 LexisNexis, A Divisionof Relx, Inc N/A Vanessa Delgado
10089980-23-W ITB Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention Program (IRPP) Equipment and Repair Services 2/10/23 $3,000,000.00 Advanced Healthstyles Fitness Equip (dba Advanced Exercise) 1 Michael Warner
10089859-22-L RFP Consultant to Provide Operational and Organizational Effectiveness and Cultural Assessment for DSD 2/8/23 $380,000.00 Raftelis Financial Consultants 7 Lisa Hoffmann
SS# 3662 Ordinance# O-21600 Sole Source Annual Support and License Agreement (Amendment no. 3) 2/7/23 $64,000.00 Elive Corporation (formerly Compass Computer Solutions) 1 Rene M. Flores
SS# 3318 Ordinance# O-21539 Sole Source Master Services Contract with Columbia Ultimate Inc. (Amendment no. 7) 2/7/23 $500,000.00 Columbia Ultimate, Inc. 1 Rene M. Flores
4536 Sole Source Benefits Consulting Services 2/6/23 $492,000.00 Buck Global, LLC N/A Vanessa Delgado



City's Federal Motor Carrier's Safety Administration's (FMCSA) Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug & Alcohol Testing Program

2/2/23 $250,000.00 Concentra Medical 7 Jerry Gibbs
4540 Sole Source Temporary Ferrous Chloride Agreement 2/1/23 $3,000,000.00 California Water Technologies N/A Vanessa Delgado
Kingdom Causes Agreement NPO Second Amendment Outreach and Engagement Services 1/29/23 $1,433,144.93 City Net a dba Kingdom Causes, Inc. N/A Vanessa Delgado
10089334-18-M RFP Second Amendment Citywide Security Guard Services 1/25/23 $28,910,721.00 Invicta Security CA Corporation A Delaware Corporation dba Allstate Security N/A Vanessa Delgado
COOP 101221-VTR COOP Sewer Vacuum, Hydro-Excavation, and Municipal Pumping Equip. (COOP 101221-VTR) 1/19/23 $3,000,000.00 Haaker Equipment Company N/A Vanessa Delgado
NPA-CofSD NPA NPA California Creative Corps Far South Border North Artists and Cultural Practitioners in Community Services 1/9/23 $4,605,000.00 Catalyst of San Diego & Imperial Co 1 Tammy Ferguson
COOP-HRI COOP Equipment Rental and Related Products and Services 1/5/23 $18,325,000.00 Herc Rentals, Inc. N/A Vanessa Delgado
NPO-JFS NPO First Amendment Expanded Safe Parking Program 1/4/23 $1,858,070.00 Jewish Family Services N/A Vanessa Delgado
4307 Sole Source Office Optimization Consulting Services 1/3/23 $725,000.00 Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. N/A Vanessa Delgado
COOP 040319 COOP Medium Duty and Compact Con. Equipment with Related Att., Acc. and Supplies Agreement (COOP 040319)­ 1/3/23 $2,000,000.00 Nixon-Egli Equipment Company N/A Vanessa Delgado

Sole Source 4146

Sole Source

Master Saas Agreement

12/28/22 $299,945.00

Manager Plus Solutions, Inc.

N/A Lisa Hoffman
10089930-23-R RFP Landscaping Services for Library Department 1/10/23 $688,980.36 Aztec Landscaping, Inc. 2 Rene Flores
N/A - Reality Changers NPO College Preparation Workshops 1/9/23 $5,000.00  Reality Changers 0 Jerry Gibbs
10089917-23-C ITB As-Needed Traffic Signal Controllers and Related Equipment 1/2/23 $3,000,000.00 Swarco McCain, Inc. 2 Taylor Cox
Sole Source 4532 Sole Source Software Services Agreement 12/29/22 $540,416.89 OpenGov, Inc. N/A Taylor Cox
10089959-23-C ITB As-Needed Signal Faces, Signal Heads and Pedestrian Signals 12/21/22 $3,000,000.00 Swarco McCain, Inc. 1 Taylor Cox
NPO-NAMI NPO Alliance Shelter Program Agreement 12/19/22 $1,000,000.00 NAMI San Diego N/A Vanessa Delgado
Non-Profit Agreement NPO Consultant Services Agreement for IKE Kiosk Marketing 12/19/22 $24,500.00 Keyser Marston Associates, Inc. 1 Rene M. Flores
Sole Source 4400 Sole Source Tree Maintenance Services for Streets Right of Way 12/16/22 $3,000,000.00 West Coast Arborists, Inc. N/A Taylor Cox
3798 Sole Source Maintenance & Support Services 12/14/22 $1,356,561.63 Ventiv Technology, Inc. N/A Vanessa Delgado
10089850-22-B RFP Clean San Diego Services 12/13/22 $22,078,000.00 Urban Corps of San Diego County 5 Beverly Asbill-Gumbs
10089895-23-B ITB Aviation Fuel 12/6/22 $4,972,452.00


My Holdings, LLC dba Crownair Aviation 1 Beverly Asbill-Gumbs
10089888-22-W RFP

Helicopter Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts and As-Needed Helicopter Maintenance Service for Fire-Rescue Department

12/2/22 $10,400,000.00 Rotorcraft Support, Inc. 1 Michael Warner


Sole Source Materials and Service for Forensic DNA Testing 11/14/22 $2,795,000.00


Life Technologies Corporation


N/A Beverly Asbill-Gumbs
COOP 020221-CAW COOP Fleet Management Technologies with Related Software Solutions COOP Contract (COOP 020221-CAW) 11/10/22 $200,000.00 Calamp Wireless Networkds Corporation N/A Vanessa Delgado
NPO-SS NPO Non-Congregate Senior Shelters Agreement 11/10/22 $1,000,000.00 Serving Seniors N/A Vanessa Delgado
10089515-19-V ITB Caustic Soda 11/7/22 $16,226,164.00 JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc. N/A Vanessa Delgado
10089682-20-V ITB Sodium Hypochlorite 11/3/22 $38,291,700.00 JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc. N/A Vanessa Delgado
10089076-17-V ITB Liquid Chlorine 11/3/22 $8,900,000.00 JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc. N/A Vanessa Delgado
4312 Sole Source Fleet Focus Software Maintenance & Support Agreement 10/28/22 $230,000.00 AssetWorks, Inc. N/A Vanessa Delgado
COOP 113021-OKC COOP South Coast Firefighting Apparatus and Fire Service Vehicles Agreement (COOP 113021-OKC) 10/26/22 $70,000,000.00 South Coast Fire Equipment, Inc. N/A Vanessa Delgado
Non-Profit Agreement NPO Consultant Services Agreement for Horton Plaza Park Lease 10/21/22 $24,500.00 Keyser Marston Associates, Inc. 1 Rene M. Flores
10089868-22-V RFP Citywide Translation and Interpretation Services Rebid 10/20/22 $500,000.00 Hanna Interpreting Services, LLC 11 Vanessa Delgado
10089520-19-V ITB Ferric Chloride 10/19/22 $37,757,961.00 Kemira Water Solutions, Inc. N/A Vanessa Delgado
10089858-22-V RFP Public Power Feasibility Study 10/19/22 $3,000,000.00 NewGen Strategies and Solutions, LLC 3 Vanessa Delgado
10089921-22-B ITB Ammunition for SDPD 10/18/22 $5,394,176.00 San Diego Police Equipment Co 2 Beverly Asbill-Gumbs
10089945-23-M ITB Hydrochloric Acid for the Otay Water Treatment Plant 10/13/22 $3,000,000.00 Hamza LLC 1 Mark Holt
10089860-22-S RFP Total Compensation Surveys 10/12/22 $550,000.00 Koff & Associates, a Gallagher Company 3 Sandra M. Vasquez
10089925-22-M ITB Sandblasting, Masking, and Powder Coating Services 10/6/22 $3,000,000.00 Cabrillo Enterprises, Inc. (dba RW Little Company) 1 Mark Holt
Sole Source 4337 Sole Source Range Access for San Diego Police Department 9/13/22 $1,755,000.00 Poway Weapons & Gear N/A Kristine Kallek
N/A Informal PUD Subscription Services to ScreenSteps 7/18/22 $95,000.00 Blue Mango Multimedia LLC N/A Michael Warner
10089897-22-W ITB Asphalt Concrete 8/3/22 $3,000,000.00 Calmat Co dba Vulcan Materials Company 1 Michael Warner
10089913-22-E ITB As-Needed Official Official Print Adverstising 8/4/22 $500,000.00 Daily Journal Corporation 1 William Eames III
USDA Agency Contract Agency Predator Management at Mission Bay Least Terns Sites 7/1/22 $107,925.00 USDA- APHIS 1 Lisa Hoffmann
10089840-22-L ITB Disposal Sites for Excavated Material in Any Combination 8/15/22 $28,000,000.00 Calmat Co dba Vulcan Materials Company 1 Lisa Hoffmann
10089808-22-W ITB Removal and Transport of Grit, Sludge, Scum, and Storm Water 8/18/22 $3,000,000.00 N R C Environmental Services Inc (US Ecology) 3 Michael Warner
10089890-22-M ITB Replacement of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements for the North City Pure Water Demonstration Facility 8/11/22 $3,000,000.00 Toray Membrane USA, Inc. 2 Mark Holt
Sole Source 4301 Sole Source Consultant Service for Office of The City Treasurer 8/11/22 $163,000.00 Tricia Mendenhall N/A William Eames III
Sole Source 4299 Sole Source Web Based Backflow Compliance Software for the Cross Connection Control Program 8/9/22 $360,000.00 Swift Comply US OpCo, Inc. N/A Mark Holt
Sole Source 4338 Sole Source Air Quality and Risk Assessment for City of San Diego Police Department Firirng Range 8/23/22 $51,000.00 SCS Engineers N/A William Eames III
N/A Agency Emergency Preparedness Specialized Training Services 8/29/22 $2,500,000.00 California Specialized Training N/A Michael Warner
Sole Source 4311 Sole Source Medical Direction and Clinical Oversight to the City's Emergency Medical Services System 9/19/22 $189,297.00 Regents of the University of CA N/A Michael Warner
Sole Source 4340 Sole Source To Provide Lion Fire Personal Protective Equipment 9/29/22 $8,930,067.67 Allstar Fire Equipment, Inc. N/A Michael Warner
10089896-22-W RFP Geospatial Application 10/11/22 $525,000.00 Inttera, LLC 1 Michael Warner
Sole Source 4342 Sole Source Consultant Services Agreement related to EMS Ambulance Transportation System 10/28/22 $200,000.00 AP Triton LLC N/A Michael Warner
Informal Quotes Informal ComplianceLine Agreement to Provide Fraud Hotline Services to the City of San Diego 10/21/22 $116,531 ComplianceLine 1 Lisa Hoffmann
10089926-22-G ITB As-Needed Crack Seal - Rebid 10/18/22 $3,000,000.00 Safe USA Inc. 4 Jerry Gibbs
10089899-22-J ITB Caustic Soda 25% in Solution for Public Utilities Department 10/11/22 $718,880.00 Univar Solutions, USA 1 Janet Polite
4509 Sole Source City of San Diego Community Agreement 10/10/22 $100,000.00 Zencity Technologies US, Inc. N/A Vanessa Delgado
10089830-22-J RFP Wastewater Flow Monitoring Equipment Software & Services REBID 10/5/22 $9,041,042.00 ADS 3 Janet Polite
10089864-22-J RFP Second Pay Equity Study 10/4/22 $249,750.00 Analytica Consulting 2 Janet Polite
10089868-22-V RFP Citywide Translation and Interpretation Services Rebid 10/3/22 $250,00.00 Advantpage, Inc. 11 Vanessa Delgado
10089931-21-F RFP Cultural Planning Consultant Services Rebid 10089931-21-F 9/28/22 $350,000.00 The Cultural Planning Group LLC 1 Tammy  Ferguson
SS Svcs SDFJC Quote Security Guard Services for Your Safe Place - A Family Justice Center 9/14/22 $56,600.00 Invicta Security CA Corporation A Delaware Corporation N/A Vanessa Delgado
SDCSS PAVP Agency Playback/Telecast of Public Access Video Programming 8/23/22 $1,000,000.00 San Diego County Superintendent of Schools N/A Vanessa Delgado
COOP 091520-MCF COOP Forklifts and Lift Trucks w/Related Services Agreement (COOP 091520-MCF) 8/22/22s $3,000,00.00 Naumann/Hobbs Material Handling of California N/A Vanessa Delgado
COOP 091251-NAF COOP Coop Agreement for Automobiles, SUVs, Vans, and Light Trucks with Related Equip. and Acc. (COOP 091251-NAF) 8/9/22 $92,000,000.00 72 Hour LLC dba National Auto Fleet Group N/A Vanessa Delgado
COOP Class 4-8 Chassis COOP Cooperative Agreement for Class 4-8 Chassis with Related Equipment, Accessories, and Services (COOP 060920-NAF) 8/9/22 $47,000,000.00 72 Hour LLC dba National Auto Fleet Group N/A Vanessa Delgado
ESPP Services NPO Expanded Safe Parking Program Services 8/1/22 $1,436,797.00 Jewish Family Services N/A Vanessa Delgado
FRP Agreement NPO Family Reunification Program Agreement 7/28/22 $950,000.00 Downtown San Diego Partnership N/A Vanessa Delgado
SS 4313 Sole Source L3Harris Sole Source Agreement for Airports (SS 4313) Revised 7/18/22 $566,325.00 Harris Corporation 1 Tammy Ferguson
10089902-22-F RFP Coordinated Street Outreach Program Services 7/14/22 $3,475,000.00 PATH San Diego 2 Tammy Ferguson
10089844-22-J ITB Mannich Polymer 7/14/22 $14,644,897.50 Polydyne, Inc. 1 Janet Polite
10089845-22-J ITB Anionic Polymer 7/14/22 $5,123,180.00 Polydyne, Inc. 1 Janet Polite
10089898-22-V RFP Consulting Services for Sports Arena Development & Lease Negotiations 7/7/22 $250,000.00 Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. 3 Vanessa Delgado
Sole Source 4304 Sole Source Transparency Engagement Advisory Consultant Services 7/1/22 $144,000.00 Cole Pro Media N/A William Eames III