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SDG&E Electric and Gas Franchise

Power Lines

In June 2021, the San Diego City Council approved the electric and gas franchise agreements with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). The Franchise is a 10-year agreement with the option to extend for an additional 10 years and allows SDG&E to use the public right of way to install and maintain the infrastructure - such as pipes, poles and wires - necessary to provide energy to San Diego's residents and businesses.

The Franchise Agreements also include an Energy Cooperation Agreement (ECA). The ECA works to ensure alignment with the City’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) goals and advocates for equity programs for rooftop solar, affordable housing and energy efficiency. Additionally, the ECA ensures transparency by requiring regular meetings and presentations to City Council regarding energy rates, major projects, customer equity and climate equity.

SDG&E Electric Franchise Agreement

SDG&E Gas Franchise Agreement

Energy Cooperation Agreement - May 25, 2021

SDG&E Electric and Gas Franchise Administrative MOU - 2023

SDG&E Utility Undergrounding Program MOU


The City of San Diego entered into a 50-year franchise for electric and gas services in 1970 with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). This franchise expired in January 2021. The City then developed the terms of a new franchise for both gas and electric services.

Energy Franchise Agreements - Questions and Answers

Previous San Diego Gas and Electric Franchise Agreements

Manager's Report 01-256

City Council Minutes of December 11, 2001 (Item 335)

SDG&E Electric Franchise Agreement (1970)

SDG&E Electric Franchise Agreement Amendment (2002)

SDG&E Electric Franchise Agreement MOU

Resolution of City Council Approving an MOU with SDG&E Regarding Franchise Fees and Undergrounding



SDG&E Bids

Cancellation of Invitation to Bid (2020)

Cancellation of the Invitation to Bid for Franchise of Gas and Electric Services

Invitations to Bid

The City of San Diego previously offered the following Invitations to Bid. The links below include instructions on the bidding process and the provisions for the respective franchises.

Questions and Responses to the Electric and Gas Invitations to Bid

The City received a significant amount of questions. These documents include questions and responses: