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Sustainability and Mobility

Bicycle Planning

Improving mobility options and safety through the enhancement of the bicycle environment.


The City of San Diego is committed to supporting bicycling as a form of mobility and recreation. As part of the City's long-term vision contained in the General Plan, the City supports the planning and development of bicycle-friendly development projects, streets, and neighborhoods for both commuter and recreational riders. To this end, the City has adopted a Citywide Bicycle Master Plan.

The Bicycle Master Plan serves as a policy document to guide the development and maintenance of bicycle facilities throughout the City. The policies in the Bicycle Master Plan address all issues related to San Diego's bikeways such as planning, community involvement, utilization of existing resources, facility design, safety and education, funding and more.

More Information

San Diego Region Bike Plan

There is a lot happening in transportation in San Diego County. Visit the following websites by clicking on the links below to review projects, transportation studies, and maps.

Riding to 2050, the San Diego Regional Bike Plan

Bayshore Bikeway Map
Bayshore Bikeway Plan
South Bay Project Map

Design Standards, Guidelines and Options

California Highway Design Manual - Chapter 1000
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices – California

Bicycle Coalitions & Clubs

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition
San Diego Mountain Biking Association
San Diego Randonneurs
San Diego Bicycle Club
San Diego Tandem Club
Bicycle Section of the Sierra Club
North County Cycle Club
Bike SD