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Mobility Board

Mobility Board


Anna Lowe
Program Manager, Zero Emissions Vehicles

Krystal Ayala                                                       
Program Manager, Curb and Parking                                                   


The overarching goals of the City of San Diego's Mobility Board are to inform transportation decision making holistically to ensure that people driving, walking, bicycling, taking transit, parking or using other transportation modes will have safe, easy-to-use choices to move around the city; and that development of the transportation network helps to meet the City's Climate Action Plan goals.


The Mobility Board meets the first Wednesday of each month.  Meetings take place in-person at Civic Center Plaza, 1200 3rd Ave, 4th Floor Conference Room, San Diego, CA 92101.

Agendas and Meeting Materials


April 17, 2024 Agenda

April 3, 2024 Adjournment

March 6, 2024 Agenda

February 7, 2024 Agenda

January 10, 2024 Adjournment


December 6, 2023 Agenda

November 1, 2023 Agenda

PDF iconOctober 4, 2023 Agenda

PDF icon September 6, 2023 Agenda

PDF iconAugust 2, 2023 Agenda

PDF iconJuly 5, 2023 (adjourned)

PDF iconJune 7, 2023 Agenda

PDF iconMay 3, 2023 Agenda

PDF iconApril 5, 2023 (adjourned)

PDF iconMarch 1, 2023 Agenda

PDF iconFebruary 1, 2023 Agenda

PDF iconJanuary 4, 2023 Agenda


PDF iconDecember 7, 2022 Agenda

PDF iconNovember 2, 2022 Agenda

PDF iconOctober 5, 2022 Agenda

PDF iconSeptember 21, 2022 Special Agenda

PDF icon September 7, 2022 Agenda (adjourned)

PDF iconAugust 3, 2022 Agenda

PDF iconJuly 6, 2022 Agenda

PDF iconJune 1, 2022 Agenda

PDF iconMay 4, 2022 Agenda

PDF iconApril 6, 2022 Agenda

PDF iconMarch 2, 2022 Agenda

PDF iconFebruary 2, 2022 Agenda *Updated

PDF iconJanuary 5, 2022 Agenda

Duties and Functions

PDF iconMobility Board Bylaws

The Mobility Board shall:

  • Advise the Mayor and Council on policies and issues relating to the development, maintenance and ADA accessibility of:
    • pedestrian networks such as sidewalks and street crossings;
    • bicycle networks such as bicycle lanes and protected bikeways;
    • parking;
    • pedestrian plazas; and
    • access points for public transit such as the trolley, bus rapid transit and bus lines, and other public right-of-way improvements.
  • Advise the Mayor and Council on education, encouragement, and awareness programs relating to City circulation goals and policies.
  • Advise the Mayor and Council on policies and projects that help the City reach its Climate Action Plan mode-share goals for bicyclists and pedestrians; discuss strategies that encourage the growth of multi-modal transportation and transit-oriented development; and provide input on the development of the City’s Transportation Master Plan.
  • Advise the Mayor and Council on the implementation of the City’s Bicycle Master Plan and Pedestrian Master Plan and advise on oversight of the Vision Zero Action Plan.
  • Recommend standards relating to bicycle, pedestrian, ADA and other elements of right-of-way design.
  • Advise on ways City departments can coordinate with stakeholder groups and other government agencies, including, but not limited to, the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System and the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), regarding multi-modal transportation in the City.
  • Advise the Mayor and Council during the annual budget cycle regarding the Capital Improvements Program, including performance indicators for transportation projects to improve the City’s multi-modal transportation network.
  • Provide an annual report to the Mayor and Council detailing the activities and recommendations of the Mobility Board.


There are 13 seats on the Mobility Board. Current members include:

  • Nicole Burgess
  • Katie Crist
  • Jeff Dosick
  • Steve Gelb
  • Michelle Krug
  • Stephanie Hernandez
  • Danny Reeves
  • Gary Smith
  • Barbarah Torres (Vice Chair)
  • Stephan Vance
  • Rosa Olascoaga Vidal (Chair)

More information about member terms and openings availble here: