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Office of the City Clerk

Council Policies

What is a Council Policy?

City of San Diego Council Policies contain all City policy statements adopted by resolution of the City Council. Each policy statement includes:

  1. a brief background description;
  2. the purpose of the policy;
  3. the policy statements;
  4. other criteria or procedural sections as required; and
  5. cross reference notations as to appropriate provisions in the City Charter, Municipal Code, Administrative Regulations, etc.


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Council Policies by Policy Number

Official City Documents

Number Title
cpd_600-33 Public Notification and Input for City-Wide Park Development Projects
cpd_600-34 Transit Planning and Development
cpd_600-35 Processing of Community Plan Amendments
cpd_600-36 Requirements for Annual Adjustment of Facilities Benefit Assessments and Prepayment of Assessments
cpd_600-37 Development Agreements
cpd_600-38 Panhandle Lots and Access Easements
cpd_600-39 Land Guidance
cpd_600-40 Preparation of Long Range Plans
cpd_600-41 Available for Assignment
cpd_600-42 Limited and Controlled Access Development (Gated Community)
cpd_600-43 City of San Diego Telecommunication Antenna Policy
cpd_600-44 Placement of Wire Communications in Sewer and Storm Water Pipes
cpd_600-45 Protection of Water, Agricultural, biological and Cultural Resources within the San Pasqual Valley
cpd_700-01 Sales to Other Government Agencies
cpd_700-02 Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG)
cpd_700-03 Use of City-Owned Land by Youth Sports Organizations
cpd_700-04 Balboa Park Uses and Occupancy
cpd_700-05 Horton Plaza - Use of
cpd_700-06 Encroachments on City Property
cpd_700-07 Park Development by Non-City Funds
cpd_700-08 Mission Bay Park Policies
cpd_700-09 Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (R.S.V.P.)
cpd_700-10 Disposition of City-Owned Real Property
cpd_700-11 Political Activities by Subsidized Lessees of City Properties
cpd_700-12 Disposition of City Property to NonProfit Organizations
cpd_700-13 Capital Improvements Program for Park and Recreation Facilities
cpd_700-14 Management of City-Owned Properties within the Focused Planning Area of the San Dieguito River Park
cpd_700-15 Airport Policy
cpd_700-16 Offstreet Vehicle Parking Districts
cpd_700-17 Policy on Dedication and Designation of Park Lands
cpd_700-18 Underground Structures within the Right of Way
cpd_700-19 City Participation in Construction of Buildings for Cultural Institutions
cpd_700-20 San Diego Port Policy
cpd_700-21 San Diego Stadium Rentals
cpd_700-22 Ticket Policy for Qualcomm Stadium, Petco Park and Other Tickets Provided to the City for Entertainment Purposes
cpd_700-23 Moorings in Mission Bay
cpd_700-24 Balboa Park Architectural Standards
cpd_700-25 Balboa Stadium Rentals
cpd_700-26 Deed Acceptances
cpd_700-27 Establishment of Parking Time Limit Zones in Residential Districts
cpd_700-28 Community Antenna Television (CATV) Franchises
cpd_700-29 Disposition of City-Owned Property in Open Space Acquisition Sites
cpd_700-30 Disposition of Surplus City-Owned Real Property
cpd_700-31 Park Reserve Acquisition - City Participation
cpd_700-32 Acquisition of Real Property Interests
cpd_700-33 Cable Television Rate Regulation
cpd_700-34 Vest Pocket Park Development
cpd_700-35 Development of the City's Joint Use Program with School Districts
cpd_700-36 Decoration of Public Structures by Private Citizens
cpd_700-37 City Use of Cable Television