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Municipal Code

What is the Municipal Code?

The City of San Diego's Municipal Code contains many of the ordinances for the City of San Diego. The Municipal Code is organized by chapters, articles, divisions, and sections.

The Municipal Code is updated as new ordinances are adopted by the City Council.

A Table of Contents is provided to facilitate location of specific chapters, articles, divisions, and sections.

See the Municipal Code History Table web page for historical information.

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Find a Municipal Code:

Municipal Code by Chapter

Chapter 01, General Provisions

Chapter 02, Government

Chapter 03, Business Regulations, Business Taxes, Permits and Licenses

Chapter 04, Health and Sanitation

Chapter 05, Public Safety, Morals and Welfare

Chapter 06, Public Works and Property; Public Improvement and Assessment Proceedings

Chapter 07, Public Utilities and Transportation

Chapter 08, Traffic and Vehicles

Chapter 09, Building, Housing and Sign Regulations

Chapter 10, Planning and Zoning

Chapter 11, Land Development Procedures

Chapter 12, Land Development Reviews

Chapter 13, Zones

Chapter 14, General Regulations

Chapter 15, Planned Districts


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