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Councilmember Stephen Whitburn (District 3)


Middletown is located between Old Town and Centre City, and historically includes areas to the west and south of Interstate 5. It was established on May 27, 1850 and the streets still carry the names of the original founders. By the late 1800s large homes were being built along the western hillside ridges overlooking the bay, including Georgian and Mediterranean style structures. The Middletown School was built in 1888. Italian and Portuguese fisherman moved to the area; the Italian heritage in Middletown is still strong, even though the construction of Interstate 5 divided their neighborhood. Today, Middletown is recognized for its magnificent historic buildings, it convenient location to Centre City and its unrivaled view of the harbor.

Middletown contains a mix of single-family and multifamily development, along with a variety of commercial uses which front on India Street.

Community Meetings

Middletown Community Group

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