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Navajo - Previous Planning Efforts, Studies and Reports

Additional Plan Documents

Grantville Trolley Station/Alvarado Creek Enhancement Study

In 2015, the City of San Diego adopted a Focused Plan Amendment to the Navajo Community Plan, putting into mo­tion the revitalization of the Grantville neighborhood. Grantville is envisioned as a vibrant, walkable, mixed-use neigh­borhood that capitalizes on the area’s proximity to high-quality transit at the Grantville Trolley Station. In order to fully realize this vision, it was recognized that issues involving storm events at Alvarado Creek would need to be addressed.

The Grantville Trolley Station/Alvarado Creek Revitalization Study provides a high-level analysis of conceptual improve­ments to both revitalize the Creek and improve connectivity in the area around the trolley station. The Study will help inform future plans for implementation.