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The Golden Hill Community Plan Update

The City of San Diego is updating the 1988 Golden Hill Community Plan concurrently with updates to the community plans for North Park and Uptown.

The City's community plans are long range planning documents established as essential components of the General Plan. The community plan update process will develop the community-specific detail, relevant policies, and implementation strategies necessary to fulfill General Plan objectives. The General Plan sets out a long-range vision and policy framework to guide future development, provide public services, and maintain the qualities that define San Diego over the next 20+ years. The General Plan also has a focus on how to design infill development and reinvest in existing communities. This focus is reflected throughout the Plan, including such topics as sustainable development, urban design, the provision of public services & facilities, mobility and historic preservation.

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Planning Department

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News and Updates

Updated August 10, 2016

DRAFT Golden Hill Community Plan – June 2016

The Updated draft Golden Hill Community Plan and the Draft Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) can be found below. The 60-day PEIR public review period closed on 7/28/2016. Staff will now prepare the PEIR response to comments followed by the decision-maker hearings:

  • Historic Resources Board (Currently scheduled for September 14, 2016)
  • Planning Commission (Currently scheduled for September 15, 2016)
  • Smart Growth and Land Use Committee (To Be Scheduled)
  • City Council (To Be Scheduled)


Supplemental Regulations – Potential Historic Districts

DRAFT Community Plan Implementation

Zoning implementation is proposed for the draft community plan by application of citywide zones in the Municipal Code as illustrated on the draft zoning map below. These zones would replace those of the Golden Hill Planned District. Amendments to the Municipal Code are also proposed for regulations pertaining to specific commercial uses and development standards.

Updated March 17, 2016

DRAFT Golden Hill Community Plan Revisions – March 2016

The following plan sections (text only) have been revised and are available for public review and comment.  The revisions reflect input received during review of the July 2015 Public Review Draft Community Plan and the revised sections are intended to supersede that draft. The maps, photos, and graphics will be included in the subsequent review draft.

Revised Draft Community Plan Sections:

PDF icon Implementation Section – Revised – March 2016

PDF icon Implementation Section – Revised – March 2016


Draft Golden Hill Impact Fee Study

Previously referred to as a Public Facilities Financing Plans, Impact Fee Studies (IFS) provide a list of facilities that are needed to implement the goals of the community plan and to establish applicable Development Impact Fees (DIF) through which new development  will pay  its porportional fare-share of the cost of those facilties, The following is the Draft Impact fee study for the Golden Hill Community:


PDF icon Implementation Section – Revised – March 2016


Golden Hill Community Plan Public Review Draft July 2015

The July draft Golden Hill Community Plan is available below and is superseded by the content posted above.

PDF icon Golden Hill Community Plan DRAFT July 2015 - Full version

Documents that support or provide analysis of the draft community plan are posted below.

PDF icon Uptown, North Park & Golden Hill Plan Updates Mobility Study June 2015

PDF icon Uptown, North Park & Golden Hill Plan Updates Traffic Impact Study June 2015

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