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Community Area: Central Urbanized

The Greater Golden Hill Community planning area is an urbanized community consisting of approximately 746 acres, located east of downtown San Diego and adjacent to Balboa Park. The community has a long-standing development history within the region and comprises the historic Golden Hill and South Park neighborhoods, and several adjacent areas such as Choates addition and Brooklyn Heights. The community is bounded by Balboa Park and Juniper Street to the north; 32nd Street between Juniper Street and Hawthorn Street, then along Marlton Drive to the 34th Street canyon down to Beech Street and State Route 15 on the east; State Route 94 on the south and Interstate 5 to the west.

The planning area's topography compromises a series of gently rolling marine terraces broken by four steeply sloping canyon areas. There is a gradual increase in elevation from approximately 60 feet above sea level on the southwest to approximately 280 feet in elevation on the northeast. Because of these topographical characteristics, notable views of the surrounding region can be found.

The community has a long and colorful history which is visible in the eclectic mix of architectural styles, many of which are comparatively rare in San Diego today. The community's settlement largely began in the late 19th century and was initially marketed by real estate speculators as one of San Diego's finest districts. The distinctive qualities of these traditional buildings contribute to the overall scale, character, and identity of the community. This built environment together with the community's natural features and central location within the region continue to define the community's character.

  • Golden Hill Community Plan (full document)
  • Cover and Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Land Use Element
  • Mobility Element
  • Urban Design Element
  • Economic Prosperity Element
  • Public Facilties, Services and Safety Element
  • Recreation Element
  • Conservation Element
  • Noise Element
  • Historic Preservation Element
  • Implementation Section
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix C
  • Appendix D
  • Golden Hill Rezoning Map (C-966)

Other Planning Information

  • Final Progran Environmental Impact Report
  • Impact Fee Study Link
  • Open DSD Link for Project Information
  • Golden Hill 25th Street Revitalization Plan (1987)
  • Golden Fern Street and 30th Street Revitalization Plan (1987)
  • 1988 Golden Hill Community Plan (Archvied)

25th Street Renaissance Enhancemennt Project Reference Documents

Project website (Engineering and Capital Projects Dept.)

  • Golden Hill Parking Study
  • Traffic Assessment for 25th Street Community Center
  • Golden Hill 25th Street Revitalization Plan by RNP Architecture and Planning
  • Golden Hill 25th Street Revitalization Plan Update: Proposed Elements
  • Limits of Survey

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News and Updates

Updated October 10, 2016

Final Program Environmental Impact Report and Errata

PDF icon Final Program Environmental Impact Report

The City of San Diego has made additional corrections to the September 2016 Final PEIR that are described in the errata below.


PDF icon Uptown, North Park & Golden Hill Plan Updates Mobility Study June 2015

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