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San Ysidro Wayfinding Signs

The City of San Diego using a SANDAG grant partnered with the Urban Corps of San Diego County to work with the San Ysidro community to design and install bicycle and pedestrian wayfinding signs adjacent to the new San Ysidro Port of Entry. The wayfinding signs will help guide visitors, residents, and commuters to public services, popular destinations, and transit options adjacent to the Port of Entry. The project helps implement the recently adopted San Ysidro Community Plan which addresses the need for wayfinding signs to support pedestrian and bicycle mobility. The wayfinding signs are be similar to wayfinding signs that the federal government will be installing to provide a unified sign program both within and adjacent to the Port of Entry.

The City of San Diego implemented the project through a partnership with the Urban Corps of San Diego County as part of its workforce development program supporting at-risk youth. The City and Urban Corps coordinated with the San Ysidro Community Planning Group, San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce, Metropolitan Transit System and Government Services Administration.

Project Summary

PDF iconSan Ysidro Wayfinding Signs Project Summary

If you have any questions please contact:

Michael Prinz

Senior Planner
City of San Diego Planning Department
(619) 533-5931