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City Planning Department

Serra Mesa Current Community Plan

The Serra Mesa Community Plan was originally adopted in 1977 and encompassed the current Kearny Mesa Community Plan area north of Serra Mesa and the north slopes of Mission Valley to the south. The Kearny Mesa Community Plan was adopted in 1992, giving that area its own community plan, and the Mission Valley Community Plan that was adopted in 1985 moved the north slopes of the valley and the associated sand and gravel operations into that community's plan area. There have been several subsequent amendments to the Serra Mesa Community Plan, the most recent in 2017, which was principally related to adding a roadway connection and reflecting the update in figures found throughout the report.

This community plan document can be viewed from the links below.  To purchase a hard copy of this community plan or one of our other planning documents, visit the City Clerk’s Office at 202 C St., second floor, in downtown San Diego; or call City Clerk’s at 619-533-4000.