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Proposed Uptown Community Plan Amendments at Planning Commission

On November 14, 2016, the City Council approved the update to the 1988 Uptown Community Plan and supported the following additional items as part of the plan’s adoption:

  • Restore the proposed residential density associated with the St. Paul’s Seniors site in the Bankers Hill/Park West neighborhood.
  • Address a zoning and land use inconsistency that would allow the community plan land use density match the higher density allowed in the former Planned District zone within the Hillcrest neighborhood.
  • Establish a Community Plan Implementation Overlay Zone for the largely residential areas within the areas of the former MR-1500 zone in the University Heights neighborhood in order to address neighborhood concerns over the maximum building height allowed by the new RM-2-5 zone.

These items which were raised during the City Council hearing were not included in the environmental analysis of the community plan. As part of the motion to adopt the update to the community plan, the City Council directed staff to process these items as amendments to the community plan and return to the City Council for approval. 

These additional items will be brought forward to the Planning Commission on Thursday, March 15, 2018 and will be considered for a recommedation of approval to the City Council.  The Planning Commission staff report along with exhibits depicting the proposed communty plan amendments and location of the proposed rezones can be found here:

PDF icon Planning Commission Staff Report PC-18-009


The Uptown Community Plan

The City's community plans are long range planning documents established as essential components of the General Plan. The community plan update process will develop the community-specific detail, relevant policies, and implementation strategies necessary to fulfill General Plan objectives. The General Plan sets out a long-range vision and policy framework to guide future development, provide public services, and maintain the qualities that define San Diego over the next 20+ years. The General Plan also has a focus on how to design infill development and reinvest in existing communities.

The update to the 1988 Uptown Community Plan was adopted by City Council on November 14, 2016 and provides detailed policy direction to implemenet the General Plan with respect to the distribution and arrangement of land uses, the local street and transit network, the prioritization of public facilities, community and site specific urban design guidelines, and recommendations to preserve and enhance natural open space and historic and cultural resources with the Uptown Community.

The Uptown Community Plan and associated zoning went into effect on Monday, February 6, 2017. Please see Chapter 13 of the City of San Diego Municipal Code for more details regarding the Citywide zones that implement the Community Plan. Development projects deemed completed prior to this effective date can continue to be processed under the 1988 Uptown Community Plan, Mid-City Communities Planned District, and the West Lewis Street Planned District. Please scroll further down the webpage for links to these documents.

Uptown Zoning

Final Program Environmental Impact Report

PDF icon Final Program Environmental Impact Report

Uptown Impact Fee Study

Impact Fee Study Link to Facilities Financing webpage

1988 Uptown Community Plan, Mid-City Communities Plan, and West Lewis Street Planned District

Development applications deemed complete prior to the effective date of the 2016 Uptown Community Plan and zoning can continue to be processed under the 1988 Uptown Community Plan, Mid-City Communities Planned District, and West Lewis Street Planned District:




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