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City Planning Department

Code Update Requests

This year will be the fourth year the Planning Department takes online suggestions for amendments to the Land Development Code (Chapters 11-14). The Land Development Code (LDC) contains regulations for the development and use of property, including zoning, subdivisions and other related land use activities. The Planning Department monitors and continually updates the code in order to ensure consistency with the City's climate, equity, infrastructure and housing goals. Amendments to the LDC can also aid in streamlining the permitting process, assure compliance with state and federal regulations, and eliminate unnecessary barriers, redundancies and contradictions. These regular updates will make the LDC more responsive to the City’s changing land use issues.

See below to review the steps to submit a suggestion.

Estimated Timeline for Annual Code Updates:

Land Development Code Update Process Outline

Suggested code revisions, additions and deletions are welcome on an ongoing basis.

The submission period for the next update closes on July 31, 2024.

For questions, please contact

Make a Request in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Read Me First!

It is important to note that you cannot save your progress once you start the online application.  So please have all the required information ready when you begin.

Step 2