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City Planning Department

Land Development Code Updates

The Land Development Code (LDC) contains regulations for the development and use of property, including zoning, subdivisions, and other related land use activities.  The Housing Policy Team monitors and continually updates the code to simplify and streamline the permitting processes, assure compliance with state and federal regulations, and eliminate unnecessary barriers, redundancies and contradictions.  Through these regular updates, the LDC will be more responsive to address the City’s changing land use issues.

Strategic Plan Priority Areas of Focus

This program focuses on the following priority areas of the Strategic Plan:

Create Homes for All of Us

Ensures permitting and approval processes are clear and can be implemented.

Protect & Enrich Every Neighborhood

Helps meet the needs of community members and businesses, including allowing for innovation in commercial spaces and flexibility for residents to work from home.

Advance Mobility & Infrastructure

Promotes the ability for community members to walk, bike or take transit.

Champion Sustainability

Encourages energy conservation, recycling and other measures to promote sustainability.