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Photo of Vernal Pool

Inundated vernal pool at Mission Trails

This section is intended to provide a helpful link to the most commonly referenced MSCP implementing regulations and development guidelines and is not intended to substitute for a comprehensive review of other city regulations and land use policies that affect the MSCP.

Environmentally Sensitive Lands Regulations (ESL)

The city's Municipal Code contains PDF icon Environmentally Sensitive Lands Regulations (ESL) that require the overall protection of sensitive biological resources and ensure implementation of the MSCP.

Biology Guidelines

Development or activities that propose encroachment into sensitive biological resources are specifically regulated by Section 143.0141 of ESL above and by the PDF icon Biology Guidelines in the Land Development Manual.

Details on sensitive biological resources (Municipal Code)

Sensitive biological resources are further defined in PDF icon Municipal Code Section 113.0103 and include lands that are within the Multi-Habitat Planning Area (MHPA) and lands that may support: wetlands, sensitive biology outside the MHPA, narrow endemic plants, MSCP covered species habitat and/or species regulated by state and federal endangered species acts.

Landscape Regulations

The Landscape Regulations ensure that areas adjacent to the MHPA are landscaped with native, non-invasive plants. As most areas within the MHPA are also within fire hazard zones the PDF icon brush management regulations in this section regulate fire safety compliance.

Guidelines for Conducting Biology Surveys (July 2002)

The PDF icon Guidelines for Conducting Biology Surveys are intended to define the content of biology survey reports for use in the preparation of CEQA environmental documents.

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