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Parking Resources Management

Enhancing mobility and land use through the management of parking resources.


Photo of Park it on Market Parking Structure

Downtown. Parking structures consume
less land than surface parking

The City of San Diego is committed to ensuring adequate parking facilities and reducing the amount of land devoted to parking by implementing parking management strategies. As the City continues to grow, it will become increasingly more difficult to devote land to surface parking. The City promotes parking management through mandatory and voluntary development regulations and parking programs, such as minimum parking requirements, shared parking, and permit parking districts. Many of these parking management tools are related to TDM measures, such as carpooling and vanpooling which help to reduce the demand for parking spaces. As a policy of the Mobility Element of the General Plan, the City will continue to identify and implement community-specific solutions to parking problems.


The City continues to study and plan community parking facilities for different areas of the City.

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