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Library Services for Older Adults

A photo of the gold sunset sea in the background. Foreground is a white wave shape with “SD Public Library” logo at the top. Underneath is the words “RESOURCES FOR OLDER ADULTS in large gold and black letters.

San Diego Public Library values our older patrons and is proud to provide a place to gather and socialize with community members of all ages. The library regularly hosts programming tailored to the needs of older patrons and provides a wealth of resources on healthy and happy aging. 


Featured Events

Photograph of a parol, a star-shaped blue, red, yellow, and pink ornamental lantern hung up in front of a blue sky.

Adult Craft Night- AAPI Craft
Monday, May 13, 2024 | 6:00 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Carmel Mountain Ranch Library

Sign ups are required and will start on April 8 at noon. Space is limited.

Why should kids have all the fun?  Adults are invited to a special craft night just for them!  Art and Design Studio Toshwerks will facilitate the craft.  This month, we're celebrating Asian Pacific American American Heritage Month.  Class participants will create a parol, a Filipino ornamental lantern typically constructed of bamboo and paper. All materials will be provided. 

Upcoming Events

Jun 14
10am - 11:30am
Jun 14
10am - 12pm

RB Knitting Club: A Creative Social Hour

Emerging Adults, Adults, Older Adults

Jun 14
10am - 1pm

How to Work a Computer--Open Office Hours

Emerging Adults, Adults, Older Adults

Jun 14
10am - 1pm
Jun 14
11am - 11:45am

Healthy and Fit Adults

Adults, Older Adults

Memory Kits

Family, friends and care-givers across all generations can enjoy stimulating conversations & quality time with these fun, take-home games! Find the following at each branch, and more!

Two yellow boxes labeled “skiing” and “knitting” and a green canister in a brown cardboard box with green shapes.

Conversation Card Games 
Available in a "Hobbies" or "Jobs" category. Each game ignites lively conversation and debate around each category. This game challenges players to share differences, commonalities, and opinions.

A white DVD case and DVD with ”Remembering the 1960s” in retro pink, orange and purple letters with tie dye background and a cartoon hippie.

Favorite Things 
Available in a "Remember the 1950s" or "Remember the 1960s" kit. Each kit includes a DVD that brings together a collection of everything from that decade, photo cards, & booklets featuring highlights of each decade.

Teal, purple, yellow, orange, pink, and blue boxes labeled 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s REWIND on a teal background.

Set of Six Decade Rewinds 
Includes six, time capsule booklets highlighting the best from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, & 2000s. Featuring vintage color ads & decade stats about sports, news, music, movies & more! 

A white gameboard with yellow, red and green tiles and cards and spinner in the background. A blue game box with ”Call-to-Mind" in dark blue letters in the foreground.

A stimulating, people-centered board game that's been tested and proven to stimulate, entertain and promote communication. Enjoy quality time with family, friends and care-givers across all generations!

Community Resources

  • Oliver McMillan I CAN! Center
    The I CAN! Center at the Central Library has assistive technology available onsite for patrons to use. I CAN also offers limited Homebound Services and Library-by-Mail programs. 
  • AgeWell Services
    San Diego City Parks and Recreation offers social events, free lunch, fitness classes, and more for older residents through AgeWell services. 
  • San Diego County Aging & Independence Services
    Find resources on meals, mental health, financial/legal & health insurance services for older adults living in San Diego County. 
  • Access 4 All Tech Training
    Learn how to best use your computer, phone, and other technology to connect with family, friends, and resources with free tech training and assistance through the San Diego Futures Foundation. 
  • Digital Navigator Program
    Get help with basic tech support, low cost computers, free or low-cost internet subscriptions, and online programs to access education, housing assistance, and more by scheduling an appointment with a Digital Navigator or calling the toll-free helpline at 1-800-350-6945 
  • Senior Food Program
    Find monthly supplemental food packages for income-eligible senior citizens (60+) at over 70 distribution sites throughout San Diego County.
  • Lost Memories/Recuerdos Perdidos
    Recuerdos Perdidos is a telenovela produced by Alzheimer’s Los Angeles that informs families and caregivers about Dementia, making families feel less alone and more aware.
  • Alzheimers San Diego
    Resources, events, and support for people living with Alzheimer’s and their loved ones.
  • Career Pathways- Get Set Up
    Live online classes on technology use, hobbies, and wellness. 

Book Recommendations