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Public Utilities

Loop Design Guidelines

Over the last several years, the Public Utilities Department has built an extensive library of loop drawings for all of its operating facilities created through capital improvement project work. It is the intent of Public Utilities to maintain and keep current existing loop drawings. These guidelines are provided to assist consultants, contractors and City staff with the creation or modification of loop drawings.

Loop Drawing Maintenance Standard Operating Procedures

As part of capital improvement project work, all completed and approved loop drawings are loaded onto each facility's Distributed Control System. From the Distributed Control System, the local plant staff can view, print and redline the loop drawings as necessary. The master electronic copies reside on the Public Utilities Department's network servers and are under the stewardship of the Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) Section.  All CADD and loop drawing standards shall be adhered to as defined in the Clean Water Operations Management Network (COMNET) Project Standards and Procedures Manual.

All Loop Drawing CADD files created, modified or revised by design consultants, contractors or City staff shall be submitted on a CD (or DVD), along with paper prints of each, to the Information and Organizational Support Division's Control Systems Administration and Support Section for technical review and approval, and to the CADD Section for CADD review and approval. All loop drawing CADD work must be prepared using City-standard Bentley MicroStation® CADD software.

For Information and Organizational Support Division assistance, contact Mike Eells at 858-614-4011 or Dan Carreon at 858-654-4285.

For CADD assistance, contact Chris Hackney at 858-654-4428 or Joe Meyers at 858-292-6389.

COMNET Project Standards and Procedures Manual

This manual was developed to establish the CADD standards that will be used for Clean Water Operations Management Network (COMNET) / Loop Diagrams. These standards meet the CADD guidelines provided by the City of San Diego. All other specifications were made to best suit the purposes of COMNET. Also included are procedures for developing the various sheet types and drafting tips to help those unfamiliar with City-standard Bentley MicroStation® CADD software.