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Water Survey Programs

Residential Water Survey Programs

Photo of water surveyor

Water surveys can help you identify water-saving opportunities and evaluate your irrigation system. Free residential survey programs are available to property owners and tenants located within the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department's service area. If you receive your water bill from a different agency, please check with that agency for its available resources and survey programs.

To schedule any of the surveys below, or for more information, please call 619-570-1999, or email us at watersurvey@sandiego.gov and provide your name and day time phone number.

Single and Multi-Family (up to eight units) Water Survey Program

This citywide program is offering free-of-charge single-family and multifamily (up to eight units) water surveys to water customers who pay their water bills to the City of San Diego. As part of this program, a Water Conservation representative will tour your property to identify leaks and options for saving water. Please see the PDF icon Residential Water Survey Brochure for more information.

Participants can receive water-saving equipment and information, including low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators and other free items. The Representative will also evaluate your landscape and irrigation systems. Since this program emphasizes customer education, it is important the tenant/occupant be present at the time of the survey.

Multi-Family (more than eight units) Water Survey Program

The Multi-Family Survey program helps multi-unit properties decrease their water use. The two types of multi-family surveys that are currently available are:

  • Short Survey: A water surveyor trains the property maintenance person on how to check for water leaks, measure water flow (showerheads, toilet and kitchen faucets) and check for toilet leaks. The maintenance person then conducts a survey of each unit, completes the required paperwork and submits it to the City's Water Conservation section. If the property has landscaping, an irrigation specialist will review irrigation and landscape and make recommendations to reduce water. After submittal, an analytical report is generated within two to four weeks which explains water savings and offers recommendations for both interior units, and exterior landscape. Showerheads and faucets aerators will be given, if needed, after the raw data is received from the property owner/manager. In order to train the maintenance person, City staff needs one to two units available for access at time of appointment.

  • Long Survey: This approach is available to any apartment complex with up to 25 units. Surveyors will check every single unit, measure water flows, check for leaks and provide showerheads and aerators as needed on the day of the survey. If the property has landscaping, an irrigation specialist will review irrigation and landscape and make recommendations to reduce water. An analytical report is generated within two to four weeks, which explains water savings and offers recommendations for both interior units and exterior landscape. Note: The property manager or maintenance person will be required to assist the surveyor during the survey.

Commercial Survey Programs

Water conservation from commercial, institutional and industrial businesses has been outstanding, yet there is still opportunity to conserve this limited and essential resource. All City of San Diego businesses are encouraged to utilize the following resources when looking for ways to achieve greater water use efficiency. The commercial landscape and commercial/industrial water use survey programs below are provided free of charge to commercial, industrial and institutional customers in the City of San Diego.

The Commercial Landscape Survey Program

Properties in this survey program will receive an audit of the irrigation system, practical advice, water-saving recommendations and a water-use budget. Many properties can expect water savings of between 20 and 40 percent.

Skilled surveyors will review the water-use history of the property to determine where water savings are possible. Participants will also receive a written evaluation of the irrigation system's performance, aerial photos of the property, a water-use estimate for the upcoming year and an irrigation controller schedule for each month. For more detailed information, view the PDF icon Commercial Landscape Survey Programs Brochure.

Water-Wise Business Survey Program

This program provides a customized review of commercial landscape water usage, including an on-site visit to identify areas where water use efficiencies can be achieved and effectively implemented. Recommendations can help customers use water more efficiently and save energy. Download a PDF icon Water-Wise Business Survey Brochure for additional information.

To schedule a Water-Wise Business Survey, please complete this PDF icon Water-Wise Business Survey Request Form and email it to waterwisebusiness@sandiego.gov. You can also call 619-570-1999 to speak to a representative..

Guaranteed Water for Industry Program

The Guaranteed Water for Industry Program exempts research and development or industrial manufacturing firms from mandatory water restrictions in times of drought in exchange for their participation in daily water conservation programs, including the use of recycled water. More information about the program and how to participate is available on the City's Economic Development website.