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Comprehensive Pedestrian Safety Study

The Comprehensive Pedestrian Safety Study aims to update the City's existing policies regarding pedestrian crossings by evaluating current policies and practices at the local, state and federal level to improve pedestrian safety; researching new and innovative devices and techniques that can be used to enhance the pedestrian environment; conducting outreach to the diverse communities in our City to ascertain issues and concerns related to pedestrian safety; and evaluating a sample of pedestrian crossings types throughout the city.

The Comprehensive pedestrian Safety Study will be guided by City of San Diego staff utilizing a Project Working Group of pedestrian safety professionals, advocates, and stakeholders to provide input in shaping this study and developing guidelines. There will be three (3) community workshops for the members of public to be introduced to this study, voice concerns for pedestrian safety, and provide input. The community workshops are tentatively scheduled as follows:

  1. Introduction Meeting - This meeting took place on Thursday, November 7, 2013 (links to workshop information can be found in the panel to the right)
  2. Update Workshop - Thursday, January 30, 2014, 6 to 8 p.m., at Casa Familiar, 268 West Park Ave., San Diego, CA 92173.
  3. Final Workshop - Date and Time TBD

The final study report will include all of the findings and recommendations consistent with the data gathered, concerns and issues gathered at public meetings and PWG meetings, and Policy direction provided by the City. The Pedestrian Safety Guidelines will include the Pedestrian Safety Analysis, a discussion about how to apply the new guidelines, a Pedestrian Toolbox summarizing engineering and non-engineering solutions, and a recommended Pedestrian Monitoring Program.


Community Workshop Documents