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Development Services


All new applications are required to be submitted electronically. DSD Information Bulletins and Forms are in the process of being updated as needed to reflect instructions for digital submittal processes.

Apply for a Permit

If you don't find a form here, please call 619-446-5000 and request that the form be sent to you.

Note: Forms requiring signature will still need to be submitted to Development Services in hard copy with original signatures.

Form Search

DS - 3239

FORM DS - 3239

Subordination Agreement

Use this form for all deeds of trust affecting the underlying fee of an easement or dedication. This agreement protects the easement from being extinguished as part of a foreclosure proceeding.


DS - 3241

FORM DS - 3241

Change of Financially Responsible Party

Required to change project's financial responsibility from one party to another.


DS - 3242

FORM DS - 3242

Deposit Account / Financially Responsible Party

Required for all projects that must open a deposit trust fund account.


DS - 3247

FORM DS - 3247

Storm Water Management and Discharge Control Maintenance Agreement (SWMDCMA)

This agreement is required for all projects that propose the construction or installation of permanent, post - construction Best Management Practices (BMP's).


DS - 3247B

FORM DS - 3247B

Notice of Termination for Storm Water Management and Discharge Control Maintenance Agreement (SWMDCMA-NOT)

This form is intended to terminate a previously recorded Storm Water Management and Discharge Control Maintenance Agreement.


Joint Use Driveway/Mutual Access Agreement" target="_blank">Joint Use Driveway/Mutual Access Agreement

This form is used for the agreement between two property owners sharing the same driveway due to the location of the property line dividing their lots. This form is not available online and will be provided by the reviewer.

** Form DS - 3248 is not available online. To request a copy, call 619-446-5000. **


DS - 3249

FORM DS - 3249

Recreation Easement Grant Deed

Use this form when requested to provide an easement for recreational facilities. Please confirm with the City staff requesting the specific easement to ensure this is the proper form for your specific situation.


DS - 3500

FORM DS - 3500

Document Drop-off Form

Use this form to drop off files at the first-floor lobby of the City Operations Building for Development Services Department staff. Printing with goldenrod color is critical to ensure the visibility of form. Items left without this form attached will be discarded. Follow the posted instructions carefully.


DS - 4000

FORM DS - 4000

Stamp Transfer Drop Off

Use this form in lieu of Project Issue/Drop Off Form DS-3500.


DS - 4100

FORM DS - 4100

Application Extension Request for Grading/Right - of - Way and Mapping Projects

Use this form to request an application extension for Grading/Right-of -Way Permits or Process One mapping actions.