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Fire-Rescue Department

Citygate Associates Consultant Reports

The City of San Diego retained Citygate Associates, LLC to perform a Standards of Response Coverage review for the Fire-Rescue Department. This study included reviewing the adequacy of the current fire station resource deployment system, the risks to be protected and the emergency incident outcomes desired by the community. This report is presented in three volumes: The Executive Summary which summarizes the findings and recommendations; a Technical Report (Volume 2) that includes a deployment assessment and a community risk assessment and a geographic map atlas (Volume 3) that displays fire unit travel time coverage.

Standards of Response Cover Review

San Diego Fire-Rescue Department also retained Citygate Associates, LLC to perform a Lifeguard Services Division Dispatch and Operations Study, which includes assessing the feasibility of merging Fire-Rescue’s Emergency Command & Data Center (ECDC) with the Lifeguard Services Division’s Communications Center. The review was to include the operational and economic issues related to maintaining separate centers, or merging them. Additionally, given the operational issues to be reviewed regarding Lifeguard Dispatch and coordinated response with Fire-Rescue Operations Division resources, Citygate was to evaluate other opportunities for improved coordination between the Lifeguard Services Division and Fire-Rescue’s other functions.

Citygate Associates, LLC was engaged to study and assess SD Fire-Rescue's Metro Zone Emergency Command  & Data Center functions and facilities as they relate to performance and readiness, when compared to best practices within the industry. A second focus of this analysis was to determine the advantages and challenges of merging the ECDC with like agencies within San Diego County providing the same services to public safety agencies.