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Fire-Rescue Department

Department Organization

The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department is a paramilitary organization operating under a "Chain of Command".

  • Executive Command Staff
    The Fire Chief, Assistant Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs work normal business hours and are on 24-hour call for any incidents which demand their attention.
    • Fire Chief
      The Fire Chief is the Administrative Officer of the entire Fire-Rescue organization. The Fire Chief is appointed by the Mayor, confirmed by the City Council and reports to the Chief Operating Officer.
    • Assistant Chief and Deputy Chief
      The Assistant and Deputy Chiefs assist in the administration of the Department and direct the operation of a division within the organization. The Department has an Assistant Chief of Emergency Operations and an Assistant Chief of Support Services, plus Deputy Chiefs overseeing Operations, Emergency Medical Services, Community Risk Reduction Division, the Emergency Command and Data Center, Special Operations, and Logistics. Additionally, the Chief of Lifeguard Services is part of the Fire-Rescue Department. The civilian positions of Fiscal Services Manager, Administrative Services Director and Media Services Manager round out the Executive Command Staff.
  • Community Risk Reduction
  • Field Operations
  • Emergency Command & Data Center
  • Logistics Division
  • Training and Fire Academy
  • Special Operations
  • Lifeguards
  • EMS
  • Health & Safety Office