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Fire-Rescue Department


Special Survey & Pre-Inspection - These applications are used to request an inspection for both licensed and unlicensed facilities. Buildings which do not receive an annual inspection and are not licensed by the state must complete an application and pay a fee.

Facilities which are applying for a license from the state and wish to have a pre-inspection prior to the Department receiving the State Fire Marshal's Fire Safety Inspection Request may request a pre-inspection.

Permit Applications

Applications for alarm permits, hazardous materials, special events, and other permits are available in the Permits section.

Maintenance and Testing of Fire Protection Systems

For fire protection engineers and companies designing new sprinkler systems, the City is now using water model software for determining fire hydrant flows. This new process reduces the time for getting the hydrant water flow information to the customer, saves water, and is more efficient.

Knox Box

Go to Knox Box Program for all related forms.