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Fire-Rescue Department

Annual Weed Abatement Vacant Lot Program

Weeds are annual grasses that grow in the winter and turn brown in the summer with no watering. The City operates an annual pro-active weed abatement program for vacant lots.

A citizen wishing to make a complaint about a weed abatement problem on property that is not vacant should contact the Fire Hazard Advisor at 619-533-4444. See Complaint Inspections for information on what would constitute a weed abatement problem.

Fire Prevention Services Inc. (FPSI), a City-contracted private company, runs the proactive program for privately owned vacant lots. Following the winter rains, FPSI sends a Request for Weed Abatement Cooperation form letter to property owners requesting that they voluntarily cut and remove weeds and combustible waste matter from their lots. The request informs the owner(s) that an on-site inspection will be conducted within 30 days.

At the time of the inspection, if a property is in violation of the California Fire Code, a Notice of Violation will be issued by FPSI, acting as the agent for the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department.

When a property with a structure which has been issued a Notice of Violation for weed abatement is not brought into compliance, the property will be abated by a City contractor. The property owner will incur all costs for the Administrative Abatement Procedure, Municipal Code 54.0206 (PDF).