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City Planning Department

Hillcrest Corridor Mobility Plan

Photo of street scenes from Hillcrest

Why does the Hillcrest Corridor Mobility Plan matter?

On Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth Avenue, have you ever –

  • Searched for a parking space?
  • Worried about crossing the street?
  • Wondered if bus service could be better?

Then you have the expertise we need. The Hillcrest Corridor Mobility Plan will find solutions for all these problems and more – with your help.

Click to enlarge the Hillcrest Corridor Map

The Hillcrest Corridor extends twenty-five (25) blocks from downtown San Diego on the south, along the west side of Balboa Park, to a medical center overlooking Mission Valley on the north, and includes Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Avenues.

During 2007, the City of San Diego and San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) will be developing alternatives to improve your ability to get around on Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Avenues. We need your help to design improvements that will work.

You make the difference!

Plan Alternatives

Plan alternatives developed during this process are posted below.

Draft Plans