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Community Profiles Eastern Area


El Cerrito Heights, Rolando, Rolando Park, Redwood Village, Oak Park and Webster are neighborhoods that make up the Eastern Area. El Cerrito Heights is a hilly neighborhood that predominantly contains single-family homes with some multi-family development along El Cajon Boulevard and University Avenue, which are the main east-west corridors in the Eastern Area. The rolling hills of Rolando and Rolando Park are among the more recently developed neighborhoods of Mid-City, with Rolando developing prior to World War II and Roland Park in the mid-1950s. Both are predominantly single-family homes along curving streets, with some multi-family near the strip commercial development along El Cajon Boulevard and University Avenue.

Darnall, Oak Park and Webster are neighborhoods that are predominantly single-family homes, but also include large multi-family complexes and a mobile home park both in Oak Park and in Webster. Oak Park is home to Chollas Lake Park.

Chollas Triangle Master Plan

The plan effort proposes to create a mixed use neighborhood village that celebrates Chollas Creek, provides housing, creates new park land, and promotes transit in the Eastern Area of Mid-City. The plan effort includes an amendment the Mid-City Communities Plan, the City of San Diego General Plan, and rezone the Chollas Triangle area.


  • Create an active neighborhood village with an integrated mixture of residential, commercial, and recreational uses.
  • Create an open space system and development pattern that connects adjacent neighborhoods to and through Chollas Triangle.

Chollas Triangle is an approximately 43-acre site within the Eastern Area and is bounded by 54th Street to the west, Chollas Creek to the south and east, and University Avenue to the north. The City, working with the community, prepared a study to provide specific land use, mobility, and urban design recommendations to encourage a mixed-use transit-oriented village supported by public/civic/park space, open space, and creek enhancements within Chollas Triangle Site. Chollas Triangle is envisioned as a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood center that celebrates Chollas Creek and promotes the use of multi-modal transit along University Avenue and 54th Street. The site has the potential to serve as amajor destination for surrounding neighborhood residents. The Community Plan implements the goals and recommendations developed through the process.

Map of Chollas Triangle Plan

Chollas Creek Enhancement Program

The City of San Diego is undertaking the Chollas Creek Enhancement Program as a key element in revitalizing this culturally-rich portion of the City. The goal is to create an open space system that lends identity to this area and provides a safe recreational and natural resource for the region.

Construction on two Pilot Projects for the Chollas Creek Enhancement Program has begun. Segment 2A is at the intersection of Market Street and Euclid Avenue and Segment 8 is adjacent to the intersection of South 38th and Alpha streets. The scope of this project includes the removal of concrete channels along the creek, restoration of native vegetation and the creation of a linear park type setting with the inclusion of a trail system and an educational / interpretive element. This project will transform these two sections of the creek and the surrounding areas into positive open space features that the community can be proud of.


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