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MSCP Costs

If the MSCP is implemented using a 30-year benefit assessment program, the total cost to the local jurisdictions, residents, and businesses to implement the MSCP is estimated to range from $339 to $411 million in 1996 dollars, based on a range in estimated value of habitat lands to be acquired.

Land Acquisition Costs

The jurisdictions that estimated land acquisition needs also estimated land acquisition costs in their respective jurisdictions, and determined collectively that the cost of purchasing 27,000 acres would range from $262 to $360 million PDF icon (Table 7-5) . One half of the acquisition need will be met by the local jurisdictions, funded through a regional funding source. Based on the jurisdictions' estimates, the average acquisition cost ranges from $9,700 to $13,300 per acre. In comparing these estimates to recent sales prices, about 89% of lands recently sold had prices below the average estimated acquisition cost of the jurisdictions' low estimates ($9,700/acre).

Costs for Preserve Management, Monitoring and Administration

The total costs to the local jurisdictions for preserve management, biological monitoring and program administration over the first 30 years is estimated to be approximately $120 million, with an annual projected cost beyond that time of $4.6 million per year ($3.4 million more than current funding). An endowment could be created during the 30-year financing program to permanently cover recurring costs, or, as an alternative, a new funding program could be established before the end of the 30-year program.

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Sensitive Species within the MHPA
are monitored by MSCP staff

The participating local jurisdictions will manage, using funds from the regional funding source, approximately 106,120 acres of habitat lands in the preserve at preserve build out, at a cost of $4.2 million per year. Preserve management costs are estimated to range from $37 per acre per year for areas isolated from urban development to $47 per acre per year for areas near urban development. The federal and state governments would manage 50,010 acres at preserve build out, at an estimated cost of $2 million per year.

Biological monitoring costs will vary each year as a result of the type and frequency of monitoring required, with the average annual costs over a 10-year cycle estimated to be $230,400. Annual administration costs (e.g. land acquisition activities, subarea plan implementation, legal support, financial management, reporting and database management, and facilities and equipment) will also vary, reaching a peak of $1.3 million in 2004 during the period of land acquisition, and declining to $255,000 per year at preserve build out.

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