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City Planning Department

The Pedestrian Master Plan

The Pedestrian Master Plan project includes a comprehensive analysis of each community’s existing pedestrian conditions and needs with an emphasis on community input throughout the process. The Plan identifies pedestrian routes to activity centers and infrastructure improvement projects along these routes. The Pedestrian Master Plan is a key resource and advantage for the City when seeking grant funding needed to implement pedestrian projects that promote pedestrian safety, walkability, mobility, and neighborhood quality.

Phases 1 Communities - Volumes 1 and 2A

With grant funding provided by SANDAG, the City hired a consultant team who worked with City staff and a project working group to complete Phase 1 of the Pedestrian Master Plan project in December 2006.   

The City continued development of the Plan with additional grant funding from SANDAG and worked with another consultant team to produce the Pedestrian Master Plan Volume 1 document and Volume 2A – Urban Core Communities document, which addresses the first seven communities: Greater North Park, Southeastern San Diego, Greater Golden Hill, Uptown, Normal Heights, Barrio Logan, and City Heights.

Phase 4 Communities - Volume 2B

Phase 4 of the Pedestrian Master Plan created pedestrian plans for an additional seven communities, including College, Kensington-Talmadge, Midway-Pacific Highway, Old Town, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, and San Ysidro. Phase 4 began in mid-2011 and was completed in December 2013.

Links to Pedestrian Master Plan Volume 2B - Phase 4 Communities: