Strategic Plan Priority Areas of Focus

This program focuses on the following priority areas of the Strategic Plan:

Protect & Enrich Every Neighborhood

Ensures all community members can provide their input regarding infrastructure needs.

Champion Sustainability

Facilitates infrastructure that sustains our natural environment and public health.

Advance Mobility & Infrastructure

Provides guidelines to prioritize infrastructure where it is most needed, for the enjoyment of all community members.

Why participate in the infrastructure prioritization process?

Water Play Public SpaceInfrastructure is not just the buildings, roads and spaces that surround us—it is the essential fabric that connects us to opportunity. Our city's infrastructure - roads, sidewalks, parks, libraries, fire stations, water facilities and more - shapes the health, safety, economic vibrancy, environmental well-being and overall quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Because of this, equitable infrastructure investment is essential to achieve equal opportunity to employment, health, education, recreation and more for all San Diegans. The City wants your input to help prioritize infrastructure investment and ensure infrastructure goes where it will best meet community members' needs and improve their lives.

How can you shape infrastructure in your community?

Prioritization Chart

The City Council adopted updates to policies 800-14 and 000-32 in 2022 to ensure infrastructure is constructed that best meets people’s needs and improves their lives.

Community participation is essential to achieve these goals. City staff and partner organizations will engage community members across the city on a regular basis through surveys, workshops and mobile engagements. This will help us learn about infrastructure priorities and equitably prioritize projects. It will help guide the annual Capital Improvements Program (CIP) budget and the Five-Year Capital Infrastructure Planning Outlook.

Both are the City’s road map for public infrastructure investment.

Kids in Bike LaneInfrastructure will be prioritized in communities to address the following:

  • Infrastructure deficiencies.
  • Areas with the greatest needs.
  • Areas that service the most people and are experiencing the most growth.

How will your project idea go through the infrastructure prioritization process?

  1. Any community member - through a variety of methods - submits a project idea to City Planning. These ideas are then grouped by type and sent to the responsible department. (e.g., Park improvements go to the Parks and Recreation Department.)
  2. Departments use ideas to prepare a five-year infrastructure plan based on factors such as operational feasibility, legal requirements, Council input, alignment with existing plans and policies, community input and prioritization factors in Council Policy 800-14, such as equity, sustainability and public safety.
  3. Plans are incorporated into the Citywide Five-Year Capital Infrastructure Planning Outlook that summarizes the funding needs for the projects in each department plan. Once the Five-Year Capital Infrastructure Planning Outlook is adopted, the City will post a public report detailing each community’s priorities, along with which projects were included in the plan. 

For more information about the CIP, visit the CIP webpage and refer to A Citizen’s Guide to Infrastructure by the City of San Diego. To learn more about how the CIP budget is developed, visit the CIP budget webpage.

How are projects in the CIP budget prioritized?

  • Preservation of public safety
  • Legal requirements or mandates
  • Condition Assessment
  • City plans
  • Community input
  • Input from Council offices

How are projects in the CIP budget funded?

  • City Infrastructure Fund
  • General Fund
  • Grants
  • Enterprise funds (eg. water, sewer, golf, airports)
  • Mission Bay and Regional Park Improvement Funds
  • TransNet Funds
  • Development Impact Fees
  • Climate Equity Fund
  • Developer Contributions
  • Others

Share your priorities for your community at an upcoming engagement!

The City and partner organizations are hosting various engagement events to gather community input on infrastructure prioritization. Check this webpage for updates on future engagement opportunities in your community. Can’t make it to an engagement event? No problem; we welcome you to share your ideas when it is most convenient for you!

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Help shape the future of your community!

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Take the online survey now, to enter your infrastructure project ideas directly.

Here is a tutorial on how to take the survey.

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See the community feedback collected earlier this year via the link below:

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Join us at a public workshop to discuss your priorities for public infrastructure in your community.

Community members from City Heights and San Ysidro can register for upcoming workshops via the link below:RSVP here


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Stop by mobile engagements in your community. These are opportunities to share your priorities on public infrastructure.

Volunteers will be conducting community outreach throughout the city.



To facilitate learning about Infrastructure Prioritization,
easily sharable materials have been developed and are linked below.


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