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City Planning Department

Housing, Implementation and Policy Team

affordable housing building downtown

Ten Fifty B, downtown San Diego, 229 affordable units

Over the past decade, new housing development has not kept pace with job or population growth, resulting in housing costs that have increased at a much faster rate than income levels. To address this shortage of affordable homes, the Housing, Implementation and Policy Team works to create long-term policies, programs ordinances and incentives to: 

  • Spur the construction of housing affordable to all households through incentive programs. 
  • Streamline development regulations to speed up and increase certainty in the development review process. 

The team’s focus includes complementary planning strategies that promote housing near transit, connect residents to resources with safe and convenient mobility options, address existing inequities and create vibrant communities that empower all San Diegans to thrive.   

The team is responsible for working with the public to update the General Plan Housing Element every eight years to address changing housing needs,  establishing implementation actions to meet those needs and to report annually on the  progress toward meeting the targets established in the plan.  

Further, the team works to elevate the conversation surrounding housing to expand awareness of housing challenges, initiatives, needs and resources.  


Over the past several years, the City has taken an unprecedented number of steps aimed at reducing housing costs, increasing housing supply and streamlining the approval process. View a comprehensive list of initiatives taken since 2015.

Housing Inventory 

The team also produces the Housing Inventory Annual Reports, which provides information on progress toward achieving the City’s housing production targets  and actions to incentivize housing production. Review the Housing Inventory Annual Reports here. 

Housing Affordability Toolkit

To assist anyone interested in developing housing in the City of San Diego, particularly housing affordable to lower and moderate-income households, the team has created a Housing Affordability Toolkit. It serves as a guide to the City’s housing development bonuses, programs and process streamlining. It summarizes and organizes regulations to make it easier and faster for project applicants to produce quality housing in the City.

Departments and Resources 

To achieve housing goals, the Housing, Implementation and Policy Team cannot do it alone. View a list of departments and resources helping us to accomplish our objectives. You can also view our news and updates on affordable housing here.