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De Anza Cove Amendment to the Mission Bay Park Master Plan

  • De Anza Natural

    The De Anza Cove Amendment to the Mission Bay Park Master Plan project is a comprehensive outreach and planning program to reimagine, repurpose and revitalize the project area. This planning effort will work with the community and stakeholders to develop conceptual revitalization plan alternatives that result in a preferred plan, an amendment to the Mission Bay Park Master Plan and a programmatic environmental impact report (PEIR). The De Anza Natural plan is being undertaken as part of a settlement of a San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board enforcement action.

De Anza Natural logo

De Anza Natural Plan & Analyzed Alternatives

September 2022

In the programmatic environmental impact report that is currently being produced for the De Anza Amendment to the Mission Bay Park Master Plan, the City’s Planning Department is analyzing De Anza Natural, the City’s preferred plan, as well as a range of alternative plans.

Three plan alternatives (shown below) are being studied in the PEIR, in addition to the no-project alternative required by CEQA. As they work on this effort, City staff are taking into consideration the many comments that were received from the public following the release of the Notice of Preparation earlier this year, as well as stakeholder comments that were received from the Mission Bay Park Committee and the Parks and Recreation Board. If you would like to be added to the contacts list to receive further De Anza news, please scroll down and complete the sign-up form.

August 2022 Draft Exhibits

De Anza Natural map
Enhanced Wetlands
Resiliency Optimized
Wetlands Optimized

Learn about Commenting on Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs)

January 2022

Notice of Preparation

On Jan. 11, 2022, a new draft land use plan for De Anza Cove, along with a new Notice of Preparation, was made available for public review.

Scoping Meeting

The City of San Diego hosted a virtual Scoping Meeting on January 24, 2022 to discuss the environmental review process for the De Anza Cove Amendment to the Mission Bay Park Master Plan. 

De Anza Vicinity MapProject Goals

  • Expand wetlands for both habitat and for public enjoyment.
  • Create an iconic recreation destination that maximizes the benefit offered to the region by this extraordinary waterfront amenity.
  • Provide for the highest and best use of the project area to serve the needs of a broad range of local and regional users.
  • Identify a mix of uses that will provide sustainable revenue generating leaseholds for the City.

To meet these goals the City will engage the community and technical and design experts to determine the potential reuse of the project area to revitalize De Anza and surrounding areas and include a diverse mix of public recreation, camping, wetlands, and other active regional park uses.


How does the Plan relate to the Mission Bay Park Master Plan?

The project site falls within the boundaries of the adopted Mission Bay Park Master Plan – a regional park that serves all of the residents of San Diego as well as visitors.  The Revitalization Plan is subject to Park goals and objectives in the Mission Bay Park Master Plan.  The final plan shall be the basis of the amendment to the Park Master Plan. 

The Mission Bay Park Master Plan currently provides for the following land use recommendations for the DeAnza Project Area:    

  • Regional recreation needs, including Guest Housing (camping facilities and recreational vehicles) and beach access.
  • Wetlands to contribute to the Park’s water quality. 
  • Hydrologic improvements to safeguard the viability of marsh areas.
  • Trail, viewing areas, and other recreational features to enhance public use of the study area.
  • Leaseholds that support the Mission Bay recreation use.

View PDF icon park-wide recreational uses in Mission Bay Park.

How does the Plan relate to the ReWild Mission Bay?

The De Anza project is an effort lead by the City of San Diego to revitalize the project area to provide for the highest and best use of the area to serve the local and regional needs of the public. The ReWild project is being conducted by a coalition organized by the San Diego Audubon Society to restore wetlands along Pacific Beach Drive and both sides of Rose Creek. Please visit the ReWild project site at rewildmissionbay.org for more information.

Planning Efforts 

2021-Early 2022

The Planning Department is evaluating nature-based alternatives that would result in an expanded wetland in De Anza Cove.  Enhanced wetlands have the potential to increase climate resiliency, carbon sequestration and provide for quality habitat for endangered plants and animals.  Wetlands can provide recreational and educational opportunities that would be unique to northwest Mission Bay.

History in Brief


The 2018 City concept plan was reevaluated as stakeholder input continued to be received.  The City received supplemental funding from the Northeast Mission Bay Wetland Restoration Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) to study additional wetlands creation. 

Summer 2018

PEIR NOP public scoping meeting on the 2018 project was held on June 20, 2018.

Public Meeting Pre-2018 Calendar

Mission Bay Park Committee Meeting – December 5, 2017

Thank you to all the public members who attended the Mission Bay Park Committee meeting on Dec. 5, 2017. The two DeAnza Revitalization concept plan alternatives were presented to the Committee as an action item. The action was to recommend a preferred alternative for the basis of the amendment to the Mission Bay Park Master Plan and for the Environmental Document. The Committee’s recommendation was to move forward with the revised alternative 2 as presented to the Committee, as the basis of the EIR analysis.

Mission Bay Park Committee - Action Item

The Mission Bay Park Committee meeting will be held at the Mission Bay High School auditorium on Dec. 5, 2017, at 6 p.m. The two refined draft concept alternatives for the DeAnza Revitalization will be presented to the Mission Bay Park Committee for a recommendation of a preferred concept plan.

Parks and Recreation Board Informational Item - November 16, 2017

Presentation of two Refined Draft Concept Alternatives to the Parks and Recreation Board.

Ad-Hoc Committee Meeting #6 – June 29, 2017

There was robust attendance from the community that provided great feedback and asked many insightful questions.

The meeting began with a presentation by the Project Team that included an overview of the meeting purpose and goals and a review of the Mission Bay Master Plan Goals and Guiding Principles. In response to all the input received from Community Workshop #3 and online engagement activities in November, where the public provided feedback on the three preliminary Draft Concept Alternatives, the Project Team provided a highlight summary of the highest supported uses and alternatives. 

After setting the stage, the Project Team provided a detailed presentation of the two Refined Draft Concept Alternatives. The Ad-Hoc Committee then had a focused discussion in response to the Refined Draft Concept Alternatives, providing comments, asking questions, and sharing their perspective.

Following the Ad-Hoc Committee meeting members of the public were invited to participate in an Open House and review the two Refined Draft Concept Alternatives in more detail. Members of the Project Team were available to meet and talk with members of the public and ask questions about the Alternatives.

Alternative 1
Alternative 2

Public Workshop #3 – November 7, 2016

Community Workshop #3 meeting on Nov. 7, 2016, began with a presentation by the Project Team that included an overview of the community outreach process conducted to date and a detailed presentation of the three draft Concept Alternatives. The workshop then transitioned to an open house which provided attendees with the opportunity to see the draft concept alternatives up close, ask questions of the Project Team, and provide feedback on draft uses, design, and potential refinements.

Alternative 1
Alternative 2
Alternative 3

Ad-Hoc Committee Meeting #5 – June 16, 2016

The fifth Ad-Hoc Committee meeting on June 16, 2016, included an overview of activities conducted at the Community Workshop #2 and online activities, participation in a similar group design activity with the Ad-Hoc Committee that mirrored what was done at Workshop #2, and participation in an additional program prioritization dot exercise with the public

Online Program Prioritization Activity June – July 2016

Throughout the De Anza Revitalization Plan outreach process, the community and the Ad-Hoc Committee have provided significant feedback on amenities and programs they would like to see and focus on for the future of the De Anza project area, including participation online in the Program Prioritization Activity that mirrored the activity that took place at Workshop No. 2. 

Public Workshop #2 – April 27, 2016

Community Workshop #2 on April 27, 2016, provided an opportunity to hear from the design team about the opportunities and constraints analysis findings and case studies of visionary parks and park features from around the world. Over 200 attendees came together and collaborated in groups to prioritize future programs and uses and then designed their own concept plans for De Anza.

Ad-Hoc Committee Meeting #4 – April 14, 2016

The fourth Ad Hoc Committee meeting on April 14, 2016, focused on discussion of the existing conditions and issues and constraints for natural resources and other environmental conditions, hearing about community/stakeholder-generated concepts, looking at iconic park case studies, and brainstorming and prioritizing potential uses.  PDF icon View Exiting Conditions Workbook.

Ad-Hoc Committee Meeting #3 – March 9, 2016

The third Ad Hoc Committee meeting on March 9, 2016, focused on seeking the Ad Hoc Committee’s refinement of a draft vision and guiding principles, providing existing conditions information on the transportation network, a leasehold analysis of existing leases and projected future demand, and an overview of existing uses within the project site and in the adjacent areas.

Ad-Hoc Committee Meeting #2 – February 10, 2016

The second Ad Hoc Committee meeting on Feb. 10, 2016, focused on seeking the Ad Hoc Committee’s refinement of a draft vision and guiding principles, providing an update on public involvement events, an overview of the Mission Bay Park Master Plan and California Coastal Act, and a discussion of the scope of the existing conditions analysis and input on issues and constraints.

Public Workshop #1 – January 28, 2016

Workshop No. 1 on Jan. 28, 2016, kicked off the De Anza Revitalization Plan project with the public. The workshop was conducted in an “open house” format with opportunities for public input at “topic stations.” Each topic station included short presentations and displayed relevant maps and information on focused topics, including natural resources, transportation, existing uses, economics, vision/future uses and amenities, project overview, and public information to gather initial input on key issues and priorities.

Ad Hoc Committee Meeting #1 / Open House – December 9, 2015

The first Ad-Hoc Committee meeting on Dec. 9, 2015, focused on introducing committee members and the community to the project. Content included a project overview (background, boundary, and key components), an overview of the public involvement plan, and a preliminary brainstorming of the project vision and guiding principles.