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Public Library


Photo of Friends of the Library advocates Marian Day and Carlene Hemric staffing the Library table at the new Central Library groundbreaking ceremony


  • Friends of the Library
    The Friends of the San Diego Public Library is a group of volunteers who support the Library and its services and programs through various activities, including fund raising events, volunteer support, programming support, book sales, and in other ways.
  • Library Foundation
    Each day, the San Diego Public Library helps people improve their lives. The San Diego Public Library Foundation helps create, steward, and support an excellent free public library system.
  • Volunteers
    The San Diego Public Library's robust Volunteer Program connects giving people to a great cause. The Library's dedicated volunteers are an integral part of the library's operations.
  • Computers 2 SD Kids
    The San Diego Public Library has partnered with Computers 2 SD Kids to provide computers to kids and families in need. Computers 2 SD Kids is a non-profit organization created to assist qualified children and their families to obtain computers, software, training and support to help them become computer literate as well as increase their access to educational, occupational and financial resources and the related skills to effectively use that technology.
  • Serra Cooperative Library System
    The San Diego Public Library is a member of the Serra Cooperative Library System, a network of public libraries in the southern California counties of Imperial and San Diego. Serra’s goal is to work collaboratively with member libraries to provide materials and shared services whenever possible.



Serra Adult Services Committee Meeting